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Company Zerichforex is owned directly by Zerich Securities Limited, which in turn forms a part of the financial group Zerich. Company has been providing brokerage services for over fifteen years, and during this period it has been able to receive many favorable reports about its work, including reports about a trading platform created by it.

The Head Office of the company is located in Cyprus, where it has obtained all licenses, allowing Zerichforex to provide quality brokerage services. The Russian Representative Office is located in Moscow.

The company offers traders favorable trading conditions on the financial markets of the world, and it offers them to visit its School of Exchange Trade, where customers can study currency trading at the high level. Both free and fee-based training is provided.


Company Zerichforex does not provide its customers with Forex deposit bonuses, and cash prizes are not drawn in contests for traders. There are no free prizes for customers. There is an opportunity to become a participant of promotions, held at School of Exchange Trade, and gain valuable gifts, but traders should pay for education, and only after that they can count on small consolation prizes.


A small number of materials are published on the official website of Zerichforex. They give an opportunity to study currency trading. For a more profound study of Internet trading the company offers novice traders to visit its School of Exchange Trade, where they can use free materials, recordings of webinars, and pass fee-based full-time, distance or individual training.

Educational materials about the currency trading:

1. Forex for traders:

- what is the international Forex market

- market liquidity

- price formation on the foreign exchange market

- what is leverage

- trading hours of the Forex market

- stable trends

- how to calculate profits from trading on the foreign exchange market

- large transactions don't influence foreign exchange rates.

2. Trading platform Z-Trade FX:

- download of software

- currency quotes

- base currency

- order types

- how to place a new order

- operations with open positions

- how to edit open orders

- how to set up charts

- how to set up technical Forex indicators

- signals of technical indicators

- chart changing

- how to build an independent Forex strategy

- historical data and their use in analysis

- news

- notification

- receiving an answer

- calculation of profits with the help of Pip Calculator

- setting of chat.

School of Exchange Trade:

1. Full-time study (courses):

a) medium-term strategy is a key to success and profit (free of charge)

b) scalping is a means for making a profit (the cost is 12,790 rubles).

2. Distance education (webinar):

a) automatization of trading (free of charge):

- basics of technical analysis

- application of technical analysis tools for creation of a Forex expert advisor

- creation of a Forex expert advisor and its setup

- connection of a Forex expert advisor to trade on the foreign exchange market.

3. Individual education:

a) trading on the stock market (basic course, the cost is 5,000 rubles)

b) algorithmic trading (full course, the cost is 46,000 rubles)

c) options trading (full course, the cost is 35,000 rubles)

d) technical analysis from A to Z (1 lesson costs 7,500 rubles, full course costs 35,000 rubles)

e) efficient scalping (in the near future).

4. Webinars:

a) speculation and decision making (free of charge)

b) position trading (free of charge)

c) trading signals and their correct use (free of charge)

d) Elliott wave analysis (free of charge)

e) pure analytics (free of charge).

All customers of the company have the right to open a demo account. Demo account is a trading on the Forex market without the risk of losing funds, as virtual money is used on it, but real foreign exchange rates are offered. Demo accounts allow traders to study currency trading in practice, find out their mistakes in decision-making concerning individual issues, create their own trading strategies and test Forex expert advisors or technical indicators, if necessary.

Terms of trading

Zerichforex offers the following trading conditions for traders:

- the foreign currency account (the base currency)

- the minimum deposit is $150

- leverage is on a request of the trader

- one hundred twenty currency pairs, securities, gold, silver, futures, CFD

- fixed spreads are from 1 point

- floating spreads are from 0 points

- market swap

- scalping is available

- hedging is available.

Z-Trade FX

- English-speaking support

- convenient interface

- over 85 embedded technical indicators

- over 30 types of charts

- addition and creation of traders' own Forex indicators

- elaboration of trading strategies

- elaboration and setup of traders' own Forex expert advisors

- news in real time

- forecasts from leading analysts

- trading signals

- tools of risk management.

Z-Trade FXweb

- English-speaking support

- desktop version

- trading through the browser

- visual trading

- streaming prices

- wide range of technical indicators.

- full-size charts

- different types of applications

- trailing stops.

Traders need to fill in an application form for a consultation and send it to the staff of the company in order to open a trading account on Zerichforex. Thereafter, employees will contact the trader and help to choose an account.

Nowadays the company offers three trading accounts:

- Silver

- Gold

- Platinum.

Trading conditions on the global financial markets differ depending on the account.

Forex indicators (recommended)

- Alligator

- Day Implus

- Accelerator Oscillator

- Flat trend

- Silver trend Signal.

Forex expert advisors (recommended)

- Gepard 5.0 (an automated Forex expert advisor that is primarily intended for currency pair trading in short time frames, as in them it is able to make a profit effectively, using its own tools)

- Goodwine (an automated Forex expert advisor that operates well both in any time frame and with various currency pairs after an appropriate setup, but the best results it shows in short time frames, when it uses scalping)

- Megadroid (an automated Forex expert advisor that has various settings at its disposal, giving an opportunity to use it for trading on the foreign exchange market in absolutely different time frames and on any currency pair, but experience teaches that it shows the highest profit on the pair EUR/USD).


Company Zerichforex provides all its clients with the opportunity to invest finances in the foreign exchange market by trust management. Trust management is carried out by means of the PAMM system. This system allows traders to invest transparently in professional traders. Professional traders, i.e. managers have master accounts. Accounts of new customers can be attached to them with the help of the PAMM system. The attachment of accounts occurs after concluding an offer between the manager and the investor. The investor can always observe the work of the manager and detach his account, if necessary, transferring it to another trader in management.

Since trading on the Forex market is associated with high risk, the company warns that investing can be both profitable and unprofitable, and successful trading of the manager in the past does not guarantee large profits in the future.

Unique features

Company Zerichforex offers all its traders to become members of an affiliate program. The affiliate program enables traders to make money by attracting new customers to the company. Before becoming a partner of the company, the trader needs to fill in a special application form, answering all questions. The application is considered within one day, and then employees of Zerichforex contact potential partners and offer the most appropriate form of cooperation. Partners will regularly receive a commission from trading volumes of referred clients, which, of course, depends on their size.

Add/withdraw funds

Customers of Zerichforex can take advantage of the following ways to deposit their accounts and withdraw funds from them: Yandex.money, Telemoney, Moneymail, Webmoney, Novoplat, Qiwi, RBK money, Absolut plat, Elecsnet, [email protected], Pinpay, Skrill, PayPal, Mobil element and bank transfers.


Brokerage company Zerichforex provides its clients with support concerning all their questions via online chat, email [email protected] and by phones +7 (495) 737-6493, +7 (800) 333-0580 (calls are free for Russia).

Cons and pros

+ the world famous broker

+ the minimum deposit is $150

+ small spread

+ good leverage

+ School of Exchange Trade

- no Forex bonuses

- no contests for traders.

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