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Company Zebrafx entered the market of brokerage services in early 2014. It was founded by professional financiers with many years of experience on the Forex market and world exchanges. The Head of the company is Zamboglou Demetrios, who is the Chief Executive Officer and the Head of the Department of Risk Management. Earlier Zamboglou Demetrios had been a member of the Board of Directors of the famous broker Forex Club.

Company Zebrafx provides traders with quality brokerage services, and offers some of the best trading conditions, including free VPN service. There are two types of ECN accounts for trading on the financial markets.

Novice traders have the opportunity to study currency trading and binary options trading using materials, published on the website.

In addition, all clients can receive the regular Forex bonus of 100% for each replenishment of the account.


Company Zebrafx does not conduct promotions and contests for traders on its official website. The only exception is the Forex deposit bonus, which is available both for new and regular customers.

Forex deposit bonus of 100% is available for every client. It is necessary to fund the trading account in the amount of not less than $100 to receive the bonus. As soon as the account is funded, 30% of bonus funds is accrued to the customer's account. These bonus funds will be available for trading on the global financial markets, and in particular on the Forex market. Trader needs to trade on the market and close the trading volume to make the remaining bonus funds his property and to withdraw this money from the account. The company transfers to the trader $2 for each standard lot, closed on the foreign exchange market. And it continues as long as the client wagers the entire Forex bonus.


Company Zebrafx allows beginners to learn how to trade on the Forex market and binary options for free, using the materials published on its website.

Educational materials about trading on the currency market and binary options:

1. Trading platform Meta Trader 4:

- download of the trading platform MT 4

- installation of the trading platform MT 4

- interface of the trading platform MT 4

- setup of the trading platform MT 4

- trading on the currency market through Meta Trader 4.

2. Trading platform EZtrade:

- overview of the trading platform

- what binary options and available for trading

- types of trading operations

- examples of conducting transactions with binary options.

3. Free VPN service:

- how to set up correctly VPN service for trading through Meta Trader 4.

4. Briefly about the Forex market:

- about Forex

- ask, bid and their functions

- points and spreads, how to use them

- major suppliers of liquidity

- currency pairs

- what is trend

- types of orders that are used on the foreign exchange market

- trading charts

- how to learn reading Japanese candlesticks correctly, and how to determine trends with their help

- usage of Ichimoku in trading currency pairs

- usage of the indicator Stochstic in trading on Forex

- support and resistance levels

- moving averages

- examples of conducted transactions on the foreign exchange market

- how a trader should manage his capital correctly

- what is ECN

- advices of great traders (Nicolas Darvas, Gerald Loeb, Jesse Livermore, Bernard Baruch).

Terms of trading

Company Zebrafx offers the following trading conditions for traders:

- the foreign currency account (the base currency)

- the minimum deposit is $100

- the leverage is 1:200

- one click trading

- thirty currency pairs, contracts for difference, gold, silver, futures, binary options

- raw spreads with markup

- market swap

- no requotes

- hedging is available

- segregated accounts (100% safety guarantee).

MetaTrader 4

- multi-language support

- order execution - Market Execution

- huge database of embedded Forex indicators

- addition of new technical indicators

- creation and installation of Forex expert advisors on MetaQuotes Language 4

- export and import of currency quotes

- chart printing.

EZtrade (for binary options trading)

- web platform for trading through the browser

- binary options trading (gold, silver, currency pairs, commodities, securities, stock indices)

- types of options: touch, standard, range.

Company Zebrafx offers its traders two types of trading accounts for operations on the global financial markets and exchanges:

- New ECN

- True ECN.

Trading account New ECN:

- no minimum deposit

- spreads are from 1.1 points

- no commission fee

- stop out is 20%.

Trading account True ECN:

- no minimum deposit

- spreads are from 0 points

- commission fee is $4.5 per standard lot

- stop out is 20%.

Forex indicators (recommended)

- Will-Spread

- Standard Deviation

- Percentage Price Oscillator

- Parabolic SAR

- Market Profile.

Forex expert advisors (recommended)

- Angela v 1.1 (an automated Forex expert advisor that operates using the principle of averaging and placing pending orders, and it shows the most efficient trading on the currency pair EUR/USD, closing profitable transactions)

- Spike Trader (an automated Forex expert advisor that carries out analysis using Japanese candlesticks, allowing it to determine incipient trends with high probability and make a good profit due to this)

- Bunny (an automated Forex expert advisor based on the Martingale method for operations with trends, and it does not require complicated settings, giving even novice traders an opportunity to use it for making profits).


Nowadays the company Zebrafx is unable to provide customers with the opportunity to invest funds in professional managers through special accounts, such as PAMM-accounts.Since the company does not have accounts for trust management, it does not bear any responsibility in case of disputes with customers, who have decided to transfer funds to the accounts of successful traders. Zebrafx warns that investing in the foreign exchange market is associated with high risk, and the profit obtained in the past can not guarantee the same results in the future.

Unique features

Company Zebrafx offers its traders a unique affiliate program, where everyone can choose the most suitable way to gain profits from new attracted customers. The main purpose of the affiliate program is to attract new customers, and profits are accrued to participants in one of the chosen ways.

Ways of the reward accrual to partners:

- CPA - 15% of the deposited sum is paid from the first deposit of referred clients

- Spread-sharing - commission fee from the total trading volume of referred clients is paid, it can reach $2 per standard lot

-% of profit - 25% of profit, obtained by the Zebrafx company from referred clients is accrued to partners.

Partners of the company are provided with free advertising materials to attract new customers, and are trained in order to increase their effectiveness, if necessary.

Add/withdraw funds

Company Zebrafx offers customers just a few common ways to deposit and withdraw money: Maestro, MasterCard, Visa and bank transfers.


Company Zebrafx provides all its traders with the necessary support concerning any question that may arise by email [email protected], via online chat and by phone +7 (499) 999-0464. Customers can always use a feedback form that is available on the official website of Zebrafx, or request a call back.

Cons and pros

+ the fast growing broker

+ no minimum deposit

+ small spread

+ good leverage

+ deposit Forex bonuses for all traders

+ educational materials about Internet trading and binary options

- no contests for traders

- few ways to deposit trading accounts.

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