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Company Traders Trust Capital Markets Limited (TTSM) was founded by a group of professionals in the financial field. The Head Office of the company is located in Nicosia, Cyprus, where it received all the necessary licenses for the provision of brokerage services.

Traders Trust strictly adheres to the EU's Markets in Financial Instruments Directive.

Customers are provided for trading with the most competitive spreads, good leverage, automated trading, scalping, hedging, etc.

Novice traders can use for your training video tutorials, which are abundant on the site of the broker, and they will help traders find answers to all questions related to the foreign exchange market.


Company TTCM (Traders Trust Capital Markets Limited) holds for its customers several promotions on a regular basis, such as Unlimited Forex Bonus and Bonuses for Traders. In addition to these promotions the broker arranges periodically the other ones, where good cash prizes are drawn.

The promotion Unlimited Forex Bonus is organized for traders, who have not yet opened accounts with this broker and have not made deposits. It will be necessary to register on the site of the broker, open a trading account and fund it in the amount not less than 500 dollars, in order to become a participant of the promotion and owner of a Forex bonus. Immediately after making a deposit, trader should write to support service, indicating the account number, which is funded, and fill in an application form for an unlimited bonus.If the application is approved, and for that it is necessary to undergo verification, the Forex 100% bonus will be accrued by the broker to the account of the client. For example, if the account is credited in the amount of $1,000, the broker will provide the client with the 100% bonus of 1,000 dollars. So the total sum on the client's account will be $2,000, which can be directly used for operations with currency pairs on the Forex market. The bonus is granted for 30 days, and then it is removed from the trader's account if he does not close the trading volume indicated by the broker. Trading volume is calculated as follows: 5 bonus dollars are equal to 1 standard lot. In case of the minimum deposit it is necessary to close the trading volume of 100 lots, and then the bonus will become the property of the trader. Forex bonus can be removed if the trader decides to withdraw funds from the account till the end of its validity or transferring its ownership to the client.

The promotion Bonuses for Traders is available for all clients of the Traders Trust Company, but primarily it is designed for active traders. Traders should be accredited to become participants of the promotion. This is very simple, and requires from the trader to close a trading volume of at least 50 lots within a month. As soon as this condition is satisfied, the trader should write a letter to support service, indicating the number of his account. After checking the account by employees of the broker, traders will be enrolled in the number of participants of the promotion, and be able to continue receiving prizes for each closed trading lot.

Accrual of prizes according to the promotion:

- trading volume is from 51 to 250 lots - prize is $1 per lot

- trading volume is from 251 to 500 lots - prize is $2 per lot

- trading volume is from 500 to 1,000 lots - prize is $3 per lot

- trading volume is from 1,001 to 2,500 lots - prize is $4 per lot

- trading volume is over 2,500 lots- prize is $5 per lot.


On the official website of Traders Trust traders will find a large number of video tutorials that will help them understand Internet trading, learn how operates the trading platform Meta Trader 4, which trading strategies are the most efficient, and how to use them.

Video tutorials about trading on the Forex market.

1. Trading platform Meta Trader 4:

- overview of the trading platform

- how to install correctly the platform MT 4

- interface of the platform and trading orders

- how to install orders of different types

- platform profiles and templates.

2. Lessons for novice traders:

- Forex market and its main advantages compared to other financial markets

- terms, used by the bulk of traders

- order types and how to work with them

- elaboration of traders' own trading strategies

- Forex glossary.

3. Lessons for experienced traders:

- global financial markets

- psychology of Internet trading

- how to manage capital correctly.

4. Technical analysis of the currency market:

- types of charts

- basic pattern of technical analysis

- trends and how to find them

- types of trends

- price patterns

- support and resistance

- technical Forex indicators

- Dow Theory

- Elliott Wave Analysis.

5. In-depth technical analysis of the Forex market:

- Japanese candlesticks

- identification of candlestick patterns

- how to interpret correctly different patterns

- how to trade using candlestick analysis.

6. Fundamental analysis of the Forex market:

- important world news and their influence on foreign exchange rates

- main indicators that are used in analysis

- main indices that influence currency quotes and general market behavior.

7. Forex trading strategies:

- strategies that are recommended for novice traders

- strategies that are recommended for experienced traders

- recommended strategies that can be used in semi-automated trading.

Traders Trust allows traders to open a demo account for practical study of the currency trading. Demo accounts are very convenient for practical training on the foreign exchange market, as real foreign exchange rates are used in trading, but everything happens with virtual money. This allows beginners to develop their own strategies for making profits before starting trading on real trading accounts. Experienced traders can use demo accounts for testing expert advisors and various trading systems.

Terms of trading

Traders Trust offers the following trading conditions for traders:

- the foreign currency account (the base currency)

- the minimum deposit is $100

- the leverage is from 1:1 to 1:500

- a lot of currency pairs, CFD on indices, CFD on commodities, gold, silver, crude oil

- five digits after the decimal point

- spread is fixed from 1.8 points

- market swap

- hedging is available

- scalping is available

-no commission fee

- automated trading is available

- insurance of clients' funds up to 20,000 Euro.

MetaTrader 4

- multi-language support

- order execution - Instant Execution

- huge database of embedded Forex indicators

- addition of new technical indicators

- elaboration and installation of Forex expert advisors MetaQuotes Language 4

- quotes export via DDE

- chart printing.

Trading account Traders Trust:

- the minimum deposit is $100

- leverage is at the discretion of the trader

- stop out is 50%

- margin call is 80%

- Forex expert advisors are available

- trading signal from leading providers.

Forex indicators (recommended)

- Kelner Channel

- Volumes

- Momentum

- Force Index

- Accelerator Oscillator.

Forex expert advisors (recommended)

- Otkat (an automated Forex expert advisor that operates effectively within exchange rate bands of the Forex market, as it is able to find them, and make profit opening and closing transactions at their boundaries)

- FX Nostradamus (an automated Forex expert advisor, developed especially for intraday trading and based on the popular indicator Parabolic, allowing it to operate with different currency pairs, but the best results it shows with the pair EUR/USD)

- Ichimoku Chinkou Cross (an automated Forex expert advisor that requires a preliminary setup, which depends primarily on the trading pair chosen for trading and the time frame, and then it uses the indicator Ichimoku, showing good profits).


PAMM-accounts, which give the opportunity to invest money in professional managers and receive an appropriate income, are not available on the site of the Traders Trust. Any agreement about the transfer of finances in order to make a profit from one account to account of another trader is regarded as the initiative of customers, and the entire responsibility lies in this case with them, and the broker does not accept any claims.

Unique features

Traders Trust offers traders to participate in its affiliate program that will allow them to earn on the foreign exchange market without spending a dime, and without any risk. The main aim of the affiliate program is to attract new customers to the Traders Trust Capital Markets.

The affiliate program is divided into several different directions:

- Partner

- IB-Representative

- Regional Partner

- Fund Manager

- White Label.

Traders will be provided with advertising materials, guides for attraction of customers and other free materials and tutorials, depending on the direction chosen by them.

Commission fees, which are calculated by the broker and paid at the end of each month, are provided for each customer attracted by a partner. The fee depends on the number of attracted clients and the activity of their trading on the Forex market.

Add/withdraw funds

Traders Trust offers its customers the following methods for transferring funds to the trading accounts and from them: EgoPay, AlfaClick, BitCoin, Cach4WM, Sofort, CachU, Web Money, Fasapay, Skrill, Neteller, Visa, MasterCard and bank transfers.


Traders Trust supports its traders concerning all questions. It is possible to contact the support service via online chat, e-mail address [email protected], via the feedback form, located on the official website of the broker, and by international phone + 357-25-20-70-00.

Cons and pros

+ the famous European broker

+ the minimum deposit is $100

+ small spread

+ good leverage

+ Forex deposit bonus

+ prizes for trading

+ video tutorials

- no contests for traders.

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