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Saxo Bank started its operations on the global financial markets in 1992. It has largely succeeded in this direction.

Currently, the Head Office of the broker is located in Denmark, but it has managed to open its offices in twenty-four countries during the period of operations. The Representative Offices of Saxo Bank are located in Moscow (Russia), London (UK), Limassol (Cyprus), Athens (Greece), Brussels (Belgium), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Dubai (UAE), Istanbul (Turkey), Madrid (Spain) Tokyo (Japan), Panama City (Panama), Prague (Czech Republic), Warsaw (Poland), Zurich (Switzerland), Wanchai (Hong Kong), Haryana (India), Fgura (Malta), Ramat Gan (Israel), Milan (Italy), Montevideo (Uruguay) and Kiev (Ukraine). All this is due to the fact that Saxo Bank has been purposefully moving forward, creating for its customers the most favorable working conditions on the global financial markets. During its existence, the broker has often received prestigious awards in the field of Internet trading, including "The Best Bank for FX Investors", "The Best Re-Labelling Platform", "The Best Solution Provider for Program White Label", "The Best Platform for Online Trading" "The Best Provider of Liquidity", "The Best Trading Platform" and so on.

All users can pass free training of trading on the Forex market with the help of numerous materials that include video tutorials with webinars. The broker gives all new customers the opportunity to take advantage of a demo account after training, using which users can trade on the foreign exchange market with virtual money without risking their own funds.

If customers decide to start currency pairs trading with their own funds, they will need to make a minimum deposit of $10,000 and then act independently or take advantage of a unique product TradeMaker, developed by Saxo Bank for its customers. TradeMaker allows obtaining very accurate recommendations from the leading providers about trading on the global financial markets.

Saxo Bank is a global investment bank that works for its customers and allows them to make a profit from the cooperation with the bank.


Saxo Bank does not provide currently any Forex bonuses associated with the replenishment of accounts, as primarily it focuses on professional Forex traders, who are willing to credit at least $10,000 to trading accounts and start trading on the Forex market or at stock exchanges.


Saxo Bank also offers its customers to pass free training of trading on the international Forex market, using the training module TradeMentor, which represents and explains how to use a professional trader Thomas Hogaard. Besides, video tutorials are available for study on trading platforms Saxo Bank and twelve webinars that allow learning how to trade profitably on the foreign exchange market.

Training module TradeMentor includes the following video materials in English, but they are also presented in printed form and it is not difficult to translate them:

- Forex (what is the foreign exchange market, the basic terms of Forex)

- CFD (Contract for Difference, ways to trade stocks, indices and familiarization with the margin requirements)

- fundamental analysis (factors affecting the rise and fall of prices of currency pairs)

- technical analysis (the basic principles of technical analysis and Dow Theory)

- Japanese candlesticks (detailed analysis of the rise and fall of prices of currency pairs)

- price trends (how to define the behavior of the foreign exchange market in general)

- training on the trading platform SaxoMT 4

- Forex indicators and oscillators (a practical application)

- popular pattern of technical analysis (how to recognize them)

- TradeMaker (a tool that allows users to trade on the basis of the analysis of the foreign exchange market by professional Forex traders)

- trading psychology (how to learn to trade profitably on the Forex market, controlling emotions)

- how to avoid fear while currency pairs trading

- Forex trading strategies (analysis of popular strategies and advices on how to create your own strategies)

- how to fund an account in Saxo Bank.

Video tutorials about trading platforms of Saxo Bank:

- trading platform download

- how to install trading platform

- trading rules on the Forex market

- rules of the stock trading

- rules of the CFD contract trading

- rules of the futures trading

- subscription to streaming prices

- how to enter and withdraw funds on the trading account.

Webinars are available in English:

- Internet trading


- technical analysis

- fundamental analysis

- analysis based on Japanese candlesticks

- principles of price change (identification of trend start)

- pattern of technical analysis

- oscillators

- module TradeMaker

- trading psychology

- risks while trading currency pairs

- Forex trading strategies.

Saxo Bank offers new customers to open a demo account, which will have 10,000 virtual dollars, so they can try to trade in real-time mode without any risk. Demo account is available for use for 20 days, after which it closes not depending on the results of trading.

Terms of trading

Broker Saxo Bank offers the following trading conditions for traders:

- the foreign currency account (the base currency)

- the minimum deposit is $10,000

- the leverage is from 1:1 to 1:200

- one hundred sixty f currency pairs, securities, gold, silver, futures

- execution of orders: instant execution, take profit, market order, stop loss, stop-if-offer, stop-if-bid

- forward outright (outright-forward transactions)

- spread is fixed from 2 points (the floating one is from 0.4 points)

- margin is from 0.5% to 1%.

SaxoMT 4

- multi-language support

- a wide range of Forex indicators

- technical analysis with the help of the modules Stock Screener and Equity Research

- execution of orders: instant execution, take profit, market order, stop loss, stop-if-offer, stop-if-bid

- automated trading using Expert Advisors

- integration with Currensee and ZuluTrade (automatic trading by signals)

- quotes export via DDE

- charts printing.

Customers of the broker can open one of several available trading accounts:

- Saxo Classic - the minimum deposit is $10,000

- Saxo Premiun - the minimum deposit is $100,000

- Saxo Platinum - the minimum deposit is $500,000.

Using the above-mentioned accounts, customers of Saxo Bank can use the following tools for trading:

- Forex - from 30 to 160 currency pairs, silver, gold and up to 120 forward outright contracts

- Forex options - 41 classic types and 6 binary touch-options

- CFD (Contract For Difference) - 8300 types on shares, 470 types on ETF, 22 types on stock market indices, 20 types on commodities

- shares more than 14500 eminents at 29 global stock exchanges

- stock options -more than 90 options at 12 global stock exchange platforms

- futures -more than 140 futures contracts at 20 stock exchange platforms

- ETF/ETC (Exchange Traded Funds/Exchange Traded Commodity) - 170 commodity and more than 1300 exchange traded funds

- bonds -a large selection for online and offline trading.

Forex indicators (recommended)

- Instant Trend Line

- Spread

- TradeBreakOut

- Day Implus

- Price Channel.

Forex expert advisors (recommended)

- MACD Pattern (an automatic Forex advisor that is developed on the basis of the indicator MACD. It uses a large number of input data while analyzing the Forex market and it allows users to calculate accurately the market entry and exit points, making a good profit)

- Forex EA Better (a popular automatic Forex advisor that is capable of self-learning, using a neural network, which eventually allows customers to make a good profit while trading currency pairs)

- Profit FIXATOR (an automatic Forex advisor, recommended for trading at short-term distances, as it has showed good results exactly at them).


Customers should contact the employees of Saxo Bank concerning questions about the funds investment. The employees offer the most profitable investment of funds. It may be the investment in the successful manager of flow of funds or assets, as well as hedge funds, which give considerable profit while trading on the global financial markets.

Unique features

Saxo Bank offers its customers an access to innovative tool TradeMaker, which would greatly facilitate the work of the Forex traders. Providers form ideas based on technical and statistical analysis of the foreign exchange market and stock exchanges. Ideas include the complete calculation of entry the market on a particular currency pair, the centering of stop-loss and take-profit and market exit. After the customers of the broker embed TradeMaker in their trading platforms, they will periodically receive ideas from different providers and everything that should be done is to consider it in the case of its acceptance to start trading. Ideas come in the form of forms that are ready to use, where everything is described in accessible language and even a novice trader can understand them.

Customers of Saxo Bank can earn extra income by an affiliate program that has two directions:

- Introducing Broker is a natural or legal person, attracting new customers and getting a reward from Saxo Bank for that.

- White Label is interned for brokers and financial companies that are ready to start a business in the field of Internet trading with Saxo Bank.

Add/withdraw funds

Saxo Bank enables replenishment of trading accounts, as well as to make withdrawals from them by means of bank cards VISA, MasterCard, Maestro. Other methods are not currently available.


Saxo Bank helps its customers concerning all questions by e-mail [email protected], as well as by phone +7 495 783 2001, 810 800 2095 1049 and 45 3977 5321.

Cons and pros

+ the world renowned broker

+ small spread

+ good leverage

+ online training

- no Forex bonuses

- the minimum deposit is $10,000.

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