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RVD Markets is known in many foreign countries, and its website is available in English, Indonesian and Russian. It received a prestigious award, becoming the best broker of STP in 2013 for providing high-quality brokerage services.

Broker offers traders free training, competitive conditions for trading on the currency market, contests with cash prizes and good Forex bonuses for communication on the forum and replenishment of personal accounts by traders.

RVD Markets has created on its site ideal conditions for investors and managers, allowing both of them to collaborate on mutual conditions and make profits.


RVD Markets holds regularly promotions. Traders can receive attractive Forex bonuses becoming their participants. In addition, contests for traders with different cash prize pools are regularly held on its website.

Forex deposit bonus is available for all new customers of the RVD Markets, and it comprises 5% of the sum credited to the account. The maximum bonus amount can not exceed $250 according to the conditions of the broker. Bonus money can not be withdrawn from the account under any circumstances, but they can be wisely used to trade currency pairs, and all profits received with their help can be withdrawn from the account by the trader at any time

The promotion Test Trading Account is intended for customers who doubt whether to invest finances in currency trading or not. In this action the broker credits $10 to the test accounts of the clients, and allows them to trade with the leverage of 1:1,000.In case of loss of all funds provided by the broker, the trader does not have to pay them, but in case of making a profit, he does not receive it, because it becomes the property of the RVD Markets. The promotion allows customers to test accounts of the broker, and decide whether to trade on the foreign exchange market or not.

Forex bonus for the secondary replenishment applies to all customers of the broker. Bonus is equal to 1% of the amount credited to the deposit, but can not be more than 50 dollars.

RVD Markets also offers its customers to take part in contests. Registration is not required, as accounts with a deposit more than $100 automatically become their participants.

Contests for traders:

- Race Fx

- Newcomer of RVD

- Ruslion Cup.

The contest Race Fx has the prize pool of $300. It lasts 5 days. The purpose of the contest is to earn the maximum profit till the deadline. The profit is calculated as a percentage in order to provide equal conditions for traders. At the end of the contest, three traders who get the highest possible profits receive Forex bonuses.

Distribution of the prize pool:

- the1st place - Forex bonus is $150

-the 2nd place - Forex bonus is $100

- the 3rd place - Forex bonus is $50.

The contest Newcomer of RVD lasts three days, and the amount of its prize pool comprises $500. Rules are similar to the above mentioned contest RaceFx.

Distribution of the prize pool:

- the1st place - Forex bonus is $250

-the 2nd place - Forex bonus is $150

- the 3rd place - Forex bonus is $100.

The contest Ruslion Cup lasts a month, and its prize pool comprises $1,000. Rules are similar to both above-mentioned contests.

Distribution of the prize pool:

- the1st place - Forex bonus is $500

-the 2nd place - Forex bonus is $300

- the 3rd place - Forex bonus is $200.

In addition, RVD Markets is willing to pay bonuses for communication on its forum, and has done it for a long time. On average, a Forex bonus for 1 post on the forum is 10 cents. Customers should adhere to the following rules to get bonuses for communication:

- post should be not less than 100 characters

- post should contain useful information

- flooding is not paid

- advertising texts are not paid

- complaints and requests to the administration are not paid

- posts that have grammar mistakes are not paid

- posts should not be written within a short period of time

- only 50 posts per day are paid.

Upon reaching $50 on the account, traders need to activate bonuses by funding a trading account in the amount of $100. If this is not done, bonuses for communication will be nullified, and traders will have to gain them again.


A quite number of materials that will help novice traders to master well currency trading are published on the official website of the RVD Markets.

Educational materials about the currency market.

1. Basic terms used in trading on the Forex market:

- the Forex market and how to work on it

- currency pairs and their choice for trading

- gap determination and its main types

- what is margin trading and how to choose a leverage

- what is spread and where it is used.

2. Fundamental analysis:

- basics of analysis

- basic tools of fundamental analysis (GDP, indicators, indices)

- inflation.

3. Technical analysis:

- what is used for identification of trends on the Forex market

- Elliott wave analysis and its use in currency pairs trading.

4. The trader's capital:

- how to manage finances correctly in trading on Forex

- use of the Martingale method

- short and long trading.

5. Psychology of Internet trading:

- psychology and its direct influence on gains and losses of traders

- Bazerman paradox or fears in currency trading

- basic mistakes of novice traders.

6. Forex trading strategies:

- overview of tactics and systems, used on the foreign exchange market

- how to use the volatility of the market in order to make a profit.

7. Forex and automated trading:

- how to use automated trading and why it is needed

- setup and testing of Forex expert advisors.

Terms of trading

RVD Markets offers the following trading conditions for traders:

- the foreign currency account (the base currency)

- the minimum deposit is $10

- the leverage is from 1:100 to 1:1,000

- a lot of currency pairs

- spread is floating from 0.7 points

- margin call is 100%

- stop out is 50%

- commission fee is from $5 to $8 per lot

- swap is floating.

MetaTrader 4

- multi-language support

- order execution - Market Execution

- wide database of embedded Forex indicators

- addition of new technical indicators

- installation of new Forex expert advisors MetaQuotes Language 4

- quotes export and import

- chart printing.

RVD Markets enables customers to open a trading account according to their preferences in trading on the foreign exchange market:




Trading account RVD CTR:

- the minimum deposit is $10

- the leverage is from 1:10 to 1:500 (depending on the deposit)

- the maximum lot size is 1.0

- commission fee is $5 per lot.

Trading account RVD CFD:

- the minimum deposit is $100

- the leverage is from 1:100

- the maximum lot size is not limited

- commission fee is $8 per lot.

Trading account RVD ECN:

- the minimum deposit is $100

- the leverage is from 1:50 to 1:1000 (depending on the deposit)

- the maximum lot size is not limited

- commission fee is $5 per lot.

Forex indicators (recommended)

- Coppock

- Schaff Trend Cycle

- Anchored Momentum

- HMA_histogram

- Accumulation Swing Index.

Forex expert advisors (recommended)

- FxOriginal (an automated Forex expert advisor that trades on the currency market using the Martingale method, and shows a good profit operating on any pair)

- Forex Remover (an automated Forex expert advisor that uses for market analysis the indicator ART, Bollinger Bands and moving averages, giving it the opportunity to trade currency pairs profitably in most cases)

- Shocker 2.0 (an automated Forex expert advisor, elaborated for operations at short-term distances, and distinguished itself as a very effective scalper in the time frame M15).


RVD Markets has created a popular among many brokers Percent Allocation Management Module (PAMM) for investment of funds in professional traders. PAMM-accounts were established on the basis of the PAMM. Traders work with them, and investors can invest in them their finances, i.e. transfer funds in trust management. Trust management is beneficial to both parties, as the manager earns money for investors, and receives a certain interest for that. Rankings of managers are regularly published on the site of the RVD Markets for their selection. Investors can choose one or several managers, and give them money in management after signing the contract of the offer.

Unique features

Traders of the RVD Markets can, if desired, take advantage of the offer from a broker that allows them to earn on Forex without risking their own finances. This offer consists in attracting new customers and investors who are ready to transfer their money in trust management. Broker will regularly pay its traders a commission fee for each new client. Commission fees are individual for each trader, and their value depends on the total trading volume of attracted customers on the foreign exchange market. Broker provides attracted customers with free advertising materials and individual referral links.

Add/withdraw funds

RVD Markets provides the following ways to deposit and withdraw finances from accounts: SWIFT, eComCharge, payonlain.ru, CashU, Perfect Money, Okpay, Skrill, Web Money, X-plat, MasterCard, Visa.


RVD Markets supports its traders concerning all questions. Traders can contact its staff via e-mail [email protected], by phone +7 (495) 540-57-27 or make a free call from the official website of the broker.

Cons and pros

+ the famous European broker

+ the minimum deposit is $10

+ small spread

+ good leverage

+ Forex bonuses

+ contests for traders

+ training materials about the foreign exchange market.

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