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Company Pro Finance Service Inc. started its operations in 1995, providing quality brokerage services through phone desk. A special dealing center was created especially for that. The company was founded by American entrepreneur Henry Quinlan, who was the owner of the major publishing house Omni Publishing at that time.

Broker has been providing online brokerage services since 2000, offering clients trading platform of its own design for work on the foreign exchange market. This platform has been upgraded several times during the period of the broker's existence, and today traders are provided with the best version of ProTrader 3.1.

The Head Office of the company is located in London, and the Russian representative office is situated in Moscow.


Promotions for traders, which are necessary for novice traders primarily to increase the deposit due to cash prizes, are not held on the website of the company Pro Finance Service. Forex bonuses for the replenishment of personal accounts are also not available.


Various materials about currency trading, which can be found in the forum for traders, are present on the site of the Pro Finance Service. Besides, the broker has published video tutorials that allow users to study trading on the platform ProTrader 3.1

Learning materials about trading on the Forex market.

1. Video tutorials about the platform ProTrader 3.1:

- lesson #1 - interface of the platform and its overview

- lesson #2 - direct trading on charts

- lesson #3 - use of informers and trading on the foreign exchange market

- lesson #4 - how to create pending orders

- lesson #5 - position opening and closing on the Forex market.

2. About the international foreign exchange market:

- history of the market

- participants who trade on the market

- role of Central Banks on the market.

3. Currency market and its trends:

- what is trend

- trend types and directions (bearish, bullish)

- correction

- alteration of extrema

- formation of prices on the Forex market.

4. how not to lose on the foreign exchange market and make a profit:

- deposit and rules for its use in currency pairs trading

- calculation of gains and losses

- how to work with pending orders.

5. Rise and development of a novice trader:

- currency trading without knowledge

- currency trading with knowledge

- creation of independent strategy and trading on the Forex market

- reconsideration of Internet trading.

6. Analysis of the currency market with the help of Japanese candlesticks:

- candlestick chart

- Japanese candlestick patterns and their understanding

- use of candlestick analysis in practice.

7. Elliott wave analysis.

8. Trading on news using fundamental analysis:

- the most important events

- what is GDP

- influence of the import and export on foreign exchange rates

- news about construction

- new jobs and unemployment

- major indicators of fundamental analysis.

9. Psychology of Internet trading:

- how to get rid of fear while currency trading

- how to trade pending orders without emotions

- how to develop self-confidence

- use of a trading system.

10. Correct management of finances:

- how to choose a money sum for trading

- how to choose lots for trading

- money management.

Clients can ask all kinds of questions about Internet trading in the forum, and get quick responses to them from experienced traders, preventing newcomers from searching for answers using numerous educational materials.

Broker allows novice traders to open demo accounts. Customers can trade on demo accounts with virtual money using real foreign exchange rates of the Forex market. Demo accounts help beginners to learn how to open and close positions, trading orders, and determine the direction of trading. Besides, these accounts allow testing on a basis of historical data of the market new trading systems or Forex expert advisors that have become very popular both among beginners and experienced traders.

Terms of trading

Pro Finance Service offers the following trading conditions for traders:

- the foreign currency account (the base currency)

- the minimum deposit is $500

- the leverage is up to 1:500

- sixteen currency pairs and CFD on U.S. stock indices:

- one click trading

- order execution - 0.01 seconds

- floating spread is from 0.5 points (on major currency pairs)

- all types of orders are available

- no requotes

- market swap

- no commission fee.

ProTrader 3.1

- multi-language support

- informers of currency quotes

- table of tools

- trading from charts

- order presets are available.

Traders just need to register online and provide copies of identity documents to open a trading account with Pro Finance Service. After the documents are approved by employees of the broker, traders can open a trading account.

Trading account Pro Finance Service:

- the minimum deposit is $500

- the leverage is from 1:1 to 1:500 (the increase to 1:2500 is possible in case of retention)

- the minimum transaction volume is 0.25 lots

- hedging is available

- trading inside the spread is available

- compete reporting is available.

Forex indicators (recommended)

- Market Profile

- Force Index

- Standard Deviation

- Accelerator Oscillator

- Parabolic SAR.

Forex expert advisors (recommended)

- Angela v 1.1 (an automated Forex expert advisor that operates on a basis of averaging of losses and placing pending orders on trends; it shows good results on all currency pairs, but it should be used better for EUR/USD in intraday trading)

- Fx Voodoo 2 (an automated Forex expert advisor for intraday trading that uses indicators Stochastic, Alligator and Bollinger Bands, which allows it to make good profits in Internet trading on Forex in case of its competent setup)

- Bunny (an automated Forex expert advisor that uses the Martingale methods for operations on the financial markets, opening positions on uptrends, and showing good profitability without making global settings).


Transfer of funds in trust management to professional traders through specialized PAMM-accounts is not provided on the site of the broker Pro Finance Service. Company does not bear any responsibility for the actions of clients, who have decided to invest their own finances in the accounts of successful traders. This kind of investment can lead to serious losses of cash by customers.

Unique features

A detailed economic calendar, where the release dates of the most important financial news in different countries and the euro area are indicated, can be distinguished among the unique features of the company Pro Finance Service. Indices, balance of trade, balance, oil storage and other important events are available from the latest release date, and with the forecast from the leading analysts of the world.

Economic calendar of financial news will be a good assistant for traders, who primarily count on fundamental analysis.

Also on the site of the broker there are a lot of informers, which reflect in real time rates of the most popular trading tools, such as gold, silver, crude oil, palladium, securities of the world's companies, currency pairs etc.

Add/withdraw funds

Clients of the Pro Finance Service Inc. can fund their accounts by bank transfers only. Withdrawal of funds is made on a bank account or card, indicated by the client.


Pro Finance Service provides its traders with support concerning all questions through email [email protected] and by phone +7 (495) 937-75-24 and 8-800-700-00-67 (calls are free for residents of Russia).

Cons and pros

+ the British broker with great length of service

+ small spread

+ good leverage

+ the minimum deposit is $500

- no Forex bonuses

- no contests

- account may be deposited only by bank transfers.

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