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The Head Office of the Pro Finance Group Inc. Company is located in London, the capital of the United Kingdom. The company has been operating in the field of brokerage services for years, providing its traders with the comprehensive support, offering the most favorable conditions for trading on the foreign exchange market and other financial markets. In Russia PFGFx received all required licenses for the provision of financial services by the FFMS (Federal Financial Markets Service).

Broker enables its customers to become professional traders, having studied the materials, published on its official website, and opening, if necessary, a demo account or one of the three types of accounts.

Promotions with valuable prizes and good bonuses are held periodically on the site of the broker, and contests are organized regularly.


On the official website of the PFGFx promotions are held periodically, which allow customers to receive cash prizes and Forex bonuses in case of active participation in them. Contests also are regularly organized, where traders can win books about the foreign exchange market and Forex cash bonuses.

Forex deposit bonus is offered to new clients periodically.

Forex bonuses for trading accounts:

- account Micro - Forex bonus is $1

- account Mini - Forex bonus is $10

- account Standard - Forex bonus is $100.

Bonus funds are accrued to accounts of traders, and they can be used for trading currency pairs on the Forex market. Bonus is not withdrawable, and it can be used for payment of a commission fee for withdrawal of funds from the personal account.

The promotion Free Education from the Pro Finance Group Company is organized for traders of the company. Broker makes gifts to its client depending on the type of the trading account.

Gifts from the broker:

- account Micro - book about the foreign exchange market on DVD

- account Mini - 3 books about the foreign exchange market on DVD

- account Standard - 6 books about the foreign exchange market on DVD.

Books will be sent for free to customers of the PFGFx to the CIS countries, including Russia.

The contest for traders that lasts two weeks is held constantly on the site of the broker. The contest is held on demo accounts Mini with the startup capital of $1,000. The purpose of the contest is to earn the highest sum of money. At the end of the contest winners are announced, and they receive valuable gifts.

Distribution of the valuable gifts in the contest:

- the 1st place - 3 books about the foreign exchange market

-the 2nd place - 2 books about the foreign exchange market

- the 3rd place - 1 book about the foreign exchange market.

The quarterly contest for traders is available for customers who have trading accounts Mini and Standard. Traders have to fill in an application form on the website of the company and send it by e-mail to employees of the broker in order to become participants of the contest. After confirming the registration, participants will receive demo accounts. According to the rules of the contest, $1,000 is accrued to all participants, and they can trade on the foreign exchange market. The minimum trading transaction size in the contest comprises 0.1 lots, and the maximum one may not exceed 5 lots. During the contest, participants should conduct at least 20 transactions, and their maximum number is unlimited. The contest has 3 prize places, taken by participants, who will have the largest sum of money on the account at the end of the contest.

Distribution of contest prizes:

- the 1st place - Forex bonus is $500

- the 2nd place - Forex bonus is $300

- the 3rd place - Forex bonus is $200.


Company Pro Finance Group offers traders materials for the study of Internet trading on its official site, and allows opening free demo accounts.

Learning materials about Internet trading:

1. Technical analysis of the currency market:

- introduction (about technical analysis and its main axioms)

- support and resistance

- trends (what are trends, how to find trends, how to use trends)

- main time frames, used for trading on the currency market

- Forex indicator (what are functions of technical indicators, and how to use them)

- moving averages

- Forex trading systems (what are functions, methods of their use).

2. Tools of linear analysis:

- Gann (Gann grid, Gann fans, Gann lines)

- Fibonacci (time frames, channels, fans, extensions, arcs)

- Andrews Pitchfork

- linear regression and its channels

- standard deviation channel.

3. Technical Forex indicator Stochastic.

4. Swing trading (long-term trading).

5. In Step with the Markets by J. Peter Steidlmayer.

- profiles of the financial markets

- classification of profiles

- market activity and the use of profiles on it

- market volatility

- new perspective on the analysis of financial markets

- Liquidity Data Bank.

6. Examples of trading on the foreign exchange market:

- trading on the currency pair GBP/USD

- trading on the currency pair JPY/USD.

7. CFD trading:

- introduction to CFD trading

- market that trade CFD

- short selling

- long selling

- contracts for differences on American stocks

- contracts for differences on indices.

Novice traders can take advantage of services of the Pro Finance Group and open a demo account. Trading on demo accounts occurs using real foreign exchange rates, but the risk is zero, since virtual money is used. The demo accounts help beginners to learn how to trade different currency pairs, perform technical and fundamental analysis, apply different trading strategies, and provide an opportunity to test their potential profitability in case of creating their own trading strategies.

Terms of trading

PFGFx offers the following trading conditions for traders:

- the foreign currency account (the base currency)

- the minimum deposit is $1

- the leverage is up to 1:200

- a large number of currency pairs, securities, CFD

- market spread is from 2 points

- no commission fee.

MetaTrader 4

- multi-language support

- order execution - Instant Execution

- a large number of embedded Forex indicators

- addition of traders' own technical indicators

- MetaQuotes Language 4 (creation and installation of Forex expert advisors)

- export and import of quotes

- chart printing.

Web Trader (three modifications)

- multi-language support

- trading through the browser without downloading a client program

- analogue of Meta Trader 4 with insignificant restrictions.

To open an account in the company PFGFx users need to fill in a registration form to confirm their personal data, and then sign a contract with the broker for online services.

Company Pro Finance Group offers its clients several types of trading accounts:

- Micro (the minimum deposit is $1)

- Mini (the minimum deposit is $10)

- Standard (the minimum deposit is $100).

Forex indicators (recommended)

- Volumes

- Moving Average

- Accelerator Oscillator

- Momentum

- Alligator.

Forex expert advisors (recommended)

- Profit FIXATOR (an automated Forex expert advisor that is suitable for novice traders, as its setup does not require profound knowledge, and it will be able to trade successfully on the currency market during a day, i.e. perform intraday trading)

- Forex Wallstreet EA (an automated Forex expert advisor that gives good results in intraday trading on any currency pair, but it is necessary to make the adjustments before it)

- Goodwine (an automated Forex expert advisor, created with the help of the technical indicator WATR, and it has proven itself to be effective in intraday trading on the foreign exchange market, and can successfully use scalping).


The company Pro Finance Group Inc. does not provide customers with the opportunity to invest funds in accounts of professional managers through PAMM-accounts. Any attempt to transfer customers' funds to accounts of successful traders who trade in PFGFx, will be considered as arbitrariness. Broker does not recommend doing it, and in case of a dispute between clients, the broker will be considered as a third party that does not bear any responsibility.

Unique features

PFGFx provides customers with the opportunity to start making money on the foreign exchange market without using their own finances and not exposing them to risk. This feature is available for all traders of the company, who will become members of the affiliate program. According to the affiliate program it is necessary to attract new customers, and to receive from the broker a commission fee from their further trade turnover on Forex. To become a member of the affiliate program, traders need to send an application form to employees of the broker, who will contact potential partners, and explain the rules and conditions of work.

Add/withdraw funds

PFGFx offers several ways to deposit and withdraw finances for the accounts: Visa Electron, Diners Club, Mastercard, Visa, RBK Money, Qiwi, Web Money, Yandex Money.


PFGFx provides the comprehensive support to its clients via e-mail [email protected] and by international phone +44 207 612 4409 or Russian number +7 (495) 925-7748.

Cons and pros

+ the developing broker

+ the minimum deposit is $1

+ small spread

+ promotions and contests

+ basic knowledge about the currency market

- Forex deposit bonuses are not always available.

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