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MaxiMarkets provides services to traders from all over the world and its offices are located in London, Moscow and Nicosia.

Forex broker actively cooperates with such major media agencies as Investing.com, VestiFinance.Ru, BDM.Ru, TatCenter.Ru, InvestForum.ru. It is also a partner of such financial institutions as IAFT (the International Association of Forex Traders), AKBR.Ru (the National Association of Credit Brokers and Financial Advisors) and Holding 123Service.ru (the major lead gen in the financial industry).

MaxiMarkets gives users an opportunity to pass free training of Forex trading by publishing on its website a large number of educational materials including articles, manuals and video tutorials. Customers of the broker can receive Forex bonuses for making a deposit without any sum limitation, which can reach tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the amount of credited funds. If desired, traders have the right to insure their funds and get insurance up to 100% in case of unprofitable trading.


MaxiMarkets holds promotions for its clients. Users of the broker can get good Forex bonuses for participation in them.

The first deposit bonus is available for new customers of the broker, who have decided to start trading on the Forex market using its services. Forex bonus comprises 30% of the credited sum. For example, when the trading account is funded in the amount of $1,000 the bonus will be $300. Customers have to confirm their identity by sending the required documents to the broker and fund a deposit in the amount not less than $1,000 to become owners of the Forex bonus. Bonus funds will be immediately available for trading on the Forex market. Forex bonus can be withdrawn from the account after accomplishment of a trade turnover, which is 10,000 times greater than its sum. If traders decide to withdraw money from the account before reaching the necessary trade turnover, the bonus funds will be cancelled. Privileged conditions are available for customers who have received a Forex bonus over $20,000. Conditions can be learned form the specialists of the broker.

The 100% insurance of the deposit is valid for all customers of the MaxiMarkets. It applies to the amounts from 500 to 5000 dollars for new customers and from 1,000 to 20,000 dollars for existing clients. Users should confirm their consent to participate in the promotion to receive insurance for unprofitable transactions. Trading transactions, which are opened by traders in the days of news on promotion, are insured by the broker. MaxiMarkets compensates 100% of lost funds in case of the negative result. Obtained insurance funds can be used in the future to trade currency pairs and they can be withdrawn from the account after closing a trade turnover that exceeds the sum of the insurance in 10,000 times.

The promotion Refer a Friend is available for all customers of the Forex broker MaxiMarkets. Traders who invite new customers to the broker should fill in the registration form according to the rules of the promotion, where it is necessary to indicate their own data and data of an invited friend. Forex bonus for inviting a friend will be credited to the account of the trader after verifying the information. Bonus comprises 15% of the sum that is credited to the account by a new client (a friend). Bonus can not exceed $1,500.


A large number of educational materials is published on the site of the MaxiMarkets, allowing users to learn quickly the rules of trading on the Forex market.

1. Tutorial "What is the Forex Market?"

- world currencies

- geography of the Forex market

- how to earn on the currency market

- how to minimize losses of funds while trading currency pairs

- how to master terminals for trading on Forex.

2. Articles about the foreign exchange market:

- everything about MaxiMarkets (video is added)

- trading platforms (video is added)

- how to master the foreign exchange market

- how to manage funds on the foreign exchange market

- possibilities to earn on the currency market (video is added)

- how to work with currencies on the Forex market

- how to work with precious metals on the Forex market

- how to trade on the currency market

- how to earn on the foreign exchange market

- how to make forecasts on the Forex market

- how to invest in the foreign exchange market

- trading with the help of moving averages

- trading with the help of Bollinger bands

- trading with the help of the system "Alligator".

Video tutorials about the foreign exchange market:

- what is the currency market

- the Forex market for novice traders

- foreign exchange rates on Forex

- currencies: allies and adversaries

- what chart exist on the foreign exchange market

- real examples of how to make a profit while trading on the foreign exchange market.

Besides, there is a section "150 questions about the currency market" on the site of the broker, where all answers to the most common questions of beginners are available in an accessible form.

At the moment the broker does not allow new traders to open demo accounts for trading with virtual money on the Forex market using real currency exchange rates. It is an obvious disadvantage of the broker for beginners.

Terms of trading

MaxiMarkets offers the following trading conditions for traders:

- the foreign currency account (the base currency)

- the minimum deposit is $500

- leverages are 1:100, 1:200 and 1:400

- a lot of currency pairs, gold, silver, crude oil

- spread is fixed from 2 points

MetaTrader 4

- multi-language support

- order execution - Instant Execution

- emebedded Forex indicators

- addition of new trading indicators

- creation of new Forex expert advisors for the currency market with the help of the MetaQuotes Language 4

- quotes export via DDE

- chart printing


- trading through the browser without downloading the client program

- compatible with any PC

- trading charts

- one click trading

- instant order execution

- complete reporting of transactions

- news feed

- currency market analytics

- Forex forecasts.

Customers should register and confirm their identity using scanned documents to open a trading account, only then they can start trading on the foreign exchange market.

Forex indicators (recommended)

- WSS Platinum

- Steinitz Fractal Breakout

- Forex Goiler

- Super Signals Channel

- Buy Sell Magic.

Forex expert advisors (recommended)

- Galaktiko (an automated Forex expert advisor that using primarily the volatility of the foreign exchange market and analyzes it, making profit on a sharp rise in prices)

- Aladdin 7 FX (an automated Forex expert advisor, based on popular technical indicators ATR, WPR, Moving Average and CCI, which allows it to analyze the Forex market quite accurately and to make lucrative transaction based on it)

- Unimillion (an automated Forex expert advisor, based on the famous Martingale method, that allows making up to 70% of profitable transactions on any currency pair due to averaging).


Broker MaxiMarkets does not provide successful traders with the possibility to open PAMM-accounts, which can help them to take the money of investors in trust management. Clients can independently make agreements with professional traders about investing funds in their accounts to receive revenue in the future. These agreements are independent activities of the customers and the broker does not bear any responsibility for them.

Unique features

MaxiMarkets offers its customers to earn on the Forex market without risking their funds. Such an opportunity is provided to all the customers who participate in an affiliate program of the broker.

The affiliate program of the MaxiMarkets has three forms:

- Internet-Partnership

- Introducing Broker

- Superpartner.

Internet partners earn for attraction of new customers through the Internet for one-time reward, which can be up to $100 per referral.

Introducing Partner registers referrals by individual links and receives in the future a monthly income from each new customer up to 20% of the profit obtained from their broker.

Superpartner attracts customers in any available way. He receives profit the same way as the Introducing Broker and additionally from new customers who are attracted by his referrals.

Customers of the broker are able to use the service Autochartist for five currency pairs free of charge. Autochartist analyzes information about the currency market 24 hours a day on the basis of numerous tools. It provides traders with clear predictions about the behavior of one of another currency pair. For more information about currency pairs, customers should contact the employees of the broker, who will explain what is required for that.

Add/withdraw funds

MaxiMarkets provides traders with the following methods for depositing and withdrawal of funds from the accounts: moneybookers, RBK Money, Yandex Money, Blitz, Golden Crown, Western Union, QIWI, WebMoney, VISA, MasterCard and bank transfer.


MaxiMarkets provides the comprehensive support to its clients concerning all questions that may arise via online chat, via the feedback form, located on the website of the broker, by e-mail addresses: [email protected] (technical questions), [email protected] (questions about trading on the foreign exchange market), [email protected] (questions about education). In addition, customers can contact the specialists of the broker via Skype maximarkets.ru or by phone + 7-495-664-22-17 (Russia) + 44-208-150-07-77 (England) and + 357-250-30- 315 (Cyprus).

Cons and pros

+ the actively developing broker

+ small spread

+ good leverage

+ Forex bonuses

+ a lot of leaning materials about the Forex market

- the minimum deposit is $500

- no demo accounts.

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