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MaxiForex is a fast-growing broker, which Head Office is located in London. Broker gives users the opportunity to pass free training on Forex trader on the basis of printed and video materials, published on its Internet site.

MaxiForex developed a platform of the same name for the convenience of its customers, where it is possible to trade on the foreign exchange market directly from the browser or from any other mobile device with access to the Internet without downloading. Customers of the broker can choose for trading one of the 40 currency pairs, as well as crude oil and precious metals.

MaxiForex forms a part of the IAFT (International Association of Forex Traders), whose main task is to create the most favorable and beneficial working conditions for traders on the foreign exchange Forex market. The broker is also considered in the CRFIN (Center for Regulation of OTC Financial Instruments and Technologies), the members of which enjoy respect and authority.

Broker cooperates with the financial portal Russian Bankir.ru, the financial information portal Finarty.ru, the National Association of Credit Brokers and Financial Advisors, the Association of Regional Banks of Russia, which allows it to provide the latest information about the world of finance, allowing Forex traders to make important decisions about the actions of the foreign exchange market.


MaxiForex offers all new customers the first deposit Forex bonus, which can be from 10% to 30%. This offer of a bonus applies to the sum of $1,000 and more. The customer has to provide proof of his identity and then to credit the funds to his trading account to get the first deposit Forex bonus. Next, the broker accrues the bonus to the customer's account, but it is not withdrawal amount and in order to make it available for withdrawal, the customer needs to trade actively any currency pair in the Forex market.

Calculation of the Forex bonus and trade turnover that is required for its unlocking:

- deposit is from 1000 dollars - 10% bonus, trade turnover is $1,000,000

- deposit is from 3000 dollars - 20% bonus, trade turnover is $6,000,000

- deposit is from 5000 dollars - 30% bonus, trade turnover is $15,000,000.

For customers who want to transfer more than $20,000 for trading on the foreign exchange market, the Forex bonus is calculated individually by employees of MaxiForex.

The broker also enables customers to receive the Forex bonus for inviting new users to its site. To get the bonus, comprising 15%, the company's customers should advise their friends MaxiForex as a broker. After filling in the individual form, located on the site of the broker, every customer can send an invitation for sign-up on the trading platform of the broker. As soon as a guest user signs up on MaxiForex and credits to its account funds, the individual, who invited him, gets automatically the Forex bonus of 15%. The maximum bonus amount is $1,500. For example, an invited user becomes a broker's customer, credits the account at $1,000 and in this case the person, who invited him, would receive a bonus of $150.


MaxiForex allows all users to pass training on the basis of print and video materials, which are available on the website of the broker.

Users can study printing materials.

What is Forex (foreign exchange market)?

One hundred fifty answers about the foreign exchange Forex market:

- participants of the foreign exchange Forex market

- currency pairs of the Forex market

- trading sessions on the market

- Forex brokers

- how to choose the best Forex broker

- how to choose the trading platform for operations on the foreign exchange Forex market

- mistakes of new Forex traders

- precious metals on the Forex market

- automatic Forex advisors

- accurate exchange rates on the market.

How to make a profit on the foreign exchange Forex market?

Video lessons about the Forex market are also available on MaxiForeks.

Lesson #1. The basic course:

- What is foreign exchange market Forex?

- trading on Forex

- currency

- currency exchange rates, currencies opponents and allies.

Lesson #2. Technical analysis:

- what kinds of graphs are present on Forex

- charts and currency quotes, bars and candlesticks.

- Forex charts and time frame

- currency trend, flat and correction

- support and resistance levels

- volatility

- stop loss

- take profit

- Bollinger bands

- moving averages and their combinations

- Forex Indicators: Stochastics, Fibonacci lines, alligator, Elliott waves (corrective and motive), fractal.

Lesson #3. Fundamental analysis.

- fundamental analysis and its basics

- how to carry out fundamental analysis

- GDP and the exchange rate

- interest rate and inflation

- labor market

- housing market

- major indices


- budget, balance of payments and debts.

Lesson #4. Learning of working on the trading platform MaxiForex.

Lesson #5. Advices for new Forex traders from the professionals:

- capital management

- operations with Forex indicators

- the use of Forex trading advisors

- risk management.

Users can also view the video forecasts on the foreign exchange Forex market, which are updated daily, and are divided into daily and weekly reviews of the major currency pairs.

Terms of trading

Broker MaxiForex offers the following trading conditions for traders:

- the foreign currency account (the base currency)

- the minimum deposit is $500

- the minimum size of lots is $5,000

- the leverage is 1:400 (the decrease to 1:200 and 1:100 is possible)

- a large number of currency pairs, securities, gold, silver, futures)

- spread is fixed from 2 points (the floating one is from 0.4 points)

Trading platform MaxiForex

- operations via browser without downloading

- multi-language support

- Instant Execution order

- use of Forex indicators

- addition of new Forex indicators

- immediate execution of orders without dealing

- guaranteed execution of stop losses

- charts printing.

The trading platform MaxiForex is available for all customers of the broker without downloading. It is possible to trade on the foreign exchange market directly from the browser or from any other device that has access to the Internet.

Forex indicators (recommended)

- Oscilator2

- Day Implus

- Anchored Momentum

- Ind TD DeMark

- Silver trend Signal.

Forex expert advisors (recommended)

- Ilan (a Forex Advisor that operates in automatic mode, based on the method of Martingale)

- Gepard 5.0 (an automatic Forex advisor that has a lot of settings, but it shows good results in making of profit on the Forex operating at short-term distances)

- Forex Wallstreet EA (a profitable automatic Forex advisor that operates at short-term distances, especially in the time frame M15 and capable of self-learning based on previous transactions)

- Profit FIXATOR (an automatic Forex advisor with the minimum number of settings, giving constantly good results while day trading).


MaxiForex does not provide services for investment of funds by customers in successful managers who trade on its site. All agreements about any investment can be carried out by broker's customers independently from it, and in the case of any dispute, they can not count on the help of MaxiForex employees.

Unique features

MaxiForex offers its customers to make money on the Forex market with the help of profitable affiliate program that has three directions: Internet partner, introducing broker and super partner.

To become a partner of the broker, it is necessary to submit an application to support service of MaxiForex and after consideration of which experts will contact the customer and offer the most suitable for him option cooperation.

The broker is willing to pay $100 for every new customer as well as to share the profit derived from referrals, which is 20%.

MaxiForex organizes for partners a variety of promotions. The last promotion has trip for two as a prize. The winner of the promotion will get a chance to relax for free on the world renowned resort with a girlfriend or a friend, depending only on his choice.

Various Forex cash bonuses are also drawn constantly among the partners. These bonuses have considerable sums and to any customer, who participates in an affiliate program, can win them.

Add/withdraw funds

MaxiForex offers all customers the following methods of deposit and withdrawal of funds: VISA, MasterCard, QIWI, WebMoney, Skrill and bank transfers.


MaxiForex provides 24 hours a day support to its customers via online chat, e-mail address [email protected], skype maxiforex.ru and by phone numbers + 44-208-1500-777 (International) + 7-495-664-22-17 (Russia). In case of serious technical problems, the experts of the broker can connect directly to his computer and eliminate them with his permission.

Cons and pros

+ the fast-growing broker

+ trading platform is available via browser without downloading

+ small spread

+ good leverage

+ good first deposit Forex bonus

+ online training

- the minimum deposit is $500

- no contests.

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