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Company MahiFX has been operating in the field of brokerage services for years, providing traders with high-quality services. Its activities are licensed by the Australian financial services license (AFSL), which monitors brokers. Representative offices of the company are located in London and Christchurch.

Market Maker MahiFX has created all conditions for novice traders by publishing on its official website numerous educational materials, which allow them to study trading on the foreign exchange market and learn all its nuances. Demo accounts are also offered for free in order to acquire practical knowledge of Forex trading.

Tending to provide only quality services at the highest level, the company MahiFX has developed its own trading platform MahiFX Platform. It was rewarded with the highest award in 2013, and it was also recognized as the best platform available at the international exhibition FSTech Awards Winner-2013.


Company MahiFX offers its customers only one promotion called Refer a Friend, participating in which everyone can become the owner of the Forex bonus in the amount of $200. Traders of the company should actively invite new customers to the company.If a referred individual registers with the company, funds the deposit and starts trading on the currency market, the trader can count on the Forex bonus of $200 on the condition that the new customer will close the trading volume of five million dollars within 90 days. If the trading volume of the new client is less, the amount of Forex bonus will be proportionately reduced.

To facilitate the attraction of new customers in this promotion, MahiFX Company offers new customers a Forex bonus for registration and account opening, which comprises $100.

There is also an opportunity to become an owner of micro Forex bonus. It is available for all customers who have accounts on Facebook. A bonus of one dollar is accrued to account of every client after checking for a direct link to the official website of the company MahiFX on his page.


Company MahiFX has published on its official website a large number of materials about Internet trading, giving novice traders the opportunity to learn trading on the currency market from A to Z.

Learning materials about trading on the International Forex market:

1. Leverage:

- what is leverage

- what is margin trading

- how to use leverage in currency pair trading

- examples of trading with leverage.

2. Trading on the Forex market:

- psychology of trading

- creation of the trader's own trading strategy

- wide-spread mistakes of novice traders

- typical mistakes in technical analysis of the foreign exchange.

3. Risk management:

- risk evaluation on the basis of various factors

- volatility of the foreign exchange market in risk calculation

- competent distribution of capital in currency pair trading

- diversification

- real examples of risk calculation.

4. Types of currency market analysis:

- technical analysis

- fundamental analysis.

5. Technical analysis:

- line charts

- bar charts

- candlestick charts.

6. Support and resistance levels:

- support

- resistance

- basic principles of support and resistance

- tendencies

- trends.

7. Patterns of technical analysis:

- head and shoulders

- triangles

- pennants

- flags

- triple top

- double top.

8. Orders:

- order types

- how to place orders

- how to close orders.

9. Elaboration of the trader's own Forex strategy:

- selection of trading type

- selection of tools for trading

- how to test major components of trading strategy

- strategy adjustment.

10. Forex indicators (complete description and examples of usage in trading):

- Alligator

- Parabolic

- Pivot points

- Fibonacci pivot

- Exponential Moving Average

- Stochastic

- Rate of change

- Momentum oscillator

- Gator oscillator

- Directional Movement System

- Demarker indicator

- Chande Momentum Oscillator

- Standard deviation.

Video tutorials about trading on the Forex market:

1. How to trade on the international Forex market.

2. What is the Forex market?

3. Order types and their use in currency pair trading.

4. How to fund a trading account and withdraw money from it.

5. Charts and rules for their use.

6. Stop loss.

7. Restriction of losses and profit fixation using orders.

8. One click trading.

9. Limit orders.

10. How to view and analyze conducted transactions.

Company gives novice traders the opportunity to open a free demo account. On demo accounts they can trade on the Forex market with virtual money, but using real quotes. It allows traders to avoid risking their own funds during mastering currency pair trading. Demo accounts have proven themselves to be very effective for testing technical indicators, Forex expert advisors and various trading strategies.

Terms of trading

MahiFX offers the following trading conditions for traders:

- the foreign currency account (the base currency)

- no minimum deposit

- the leverage is 1:100

- a lot of currency pairs, securities, gold, silver, futures

- fixed spreads are from 1 point

- floating spreads are from 0 points

- market swap

- scalping is available

- hedging is available

- no commission.

MahiFX Platform

- multi-language support

- order execution - Instant Execution

- one click trading

- wide range of tools for technical analysis

- charting

- database of trading expert advisors

- elaboration and installation of traders' own Forex expert advisors

- usage of trading signals from leading providers

- setting of automated trading

- important financial news.

To open a trading account in the company, traders need to fill in a special form. The most acceptable variant of accounts for operations on the global financial markets will be offered after consideration of the application.

Forex indicators (recommended)

- Big Bars FromH

- Standard Deviation

- Anchored Momentum

- Detrended Price Oscillator

- Silver trend Signal.

Forex expert advisors (recommended)

- Forex EA Better (an automated Forex expert advisor that is capable of self-learning; it has numerous settings at its disposal, giving an opportunity to use it both in short and long time frames, and its in-depth analysis of conducted transactions allows it to find mistakes in trading and operate more efficiently in the future, making stable profits)

- Spike Trader (an automated Forex expert advisor that operates on the international foreign exchange market using candlestick analysis, giving it an opportunity to determine quite accurately market entry and exit points, and since it is designed for trading with the trend, it makes good profits)

- Framework (an automated Forex expert advisor that is considered to be universal due to the fact that it has numerous settings, allowing traders to set it up for trading on the foreign exchange market on any currency pair and in any time frame, including long-term, medium-term and short-term).


Currently the company MahiFX does not have PAMM-accounts, which are used by many brokers for provision of clients with the opportunity to invest their funds in professional traders. All possible agreements between clients and successful traders concerning the transfer of funds in trust management are their independent activities, and the company is not responsible for them.

Company MahiFX offers customers another way of investing, which is based on copying of trading signals of the leading providers. Customers need to choose a provider, which trades in the most successful way in their opinion, and subscribe to its trading signals, which in this case will be copied at once on their accounts. To evaluate the advantages of trading signals and possible profits using them, the company offers customers to test them on a demo account for free. In case of the further connection of trading signals to a real account, traders will need to pay a certain sum of money every month, which directly depends on the provider.

Unique features

Currency Converter can be mentioned among the unique features of MahiFX. It accurately converts currencies using foreign exchange rates, allowing traders to calculate further gains.

Add/withdraw funds

Traders of MahiFX can use only a few methods to fund accounts and withdraw their finances from them: Visa, Master Card and bank transfers.


Company MahiFX supports its clients concerning all questions that may arise while working on the financial markets by international phone +44 203 397 1825 and via the feedback form available on its official website.

Cons and pros

+ the world famous market maker

+ no minimum deposit

+ small spread

+ many educational materials about foreign exchange trading

+ Forex bonuses for referred friends

- no Forex deposit bonuses

- no contests for traders

- few ways to deposit and withdraw funds from the accounts

- not all materials on the site are available in Russian.

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