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Kalita Finance was founded in 1999, focusing on providing high-quality and lucrative services for traders on the global financial markets, including the foreign exchange market. The Head Office of the financial group Kalita-Finance is located in Moscow and two Representative Offices are located in Ukraine and the Czech Republic.

The financial group is a full-fledged member of the National Foreign Exchange Association of the Russian Federation and it also maintains close relationship with such organizations as Reuters, Sberbank, Raiffeisenbank, Vneshtorgbank, Varchev Finance and many others.

Kalita Finance holds regularly for its customers various promotions that allow Forex traders to get different privileges and cash prizes from the broker, and new customers receive almost always a Forex bonus, which varies from 20% to 30% of the initial amount, credited to the customer's trading account.

All the customers of the broker can take advantage of free learning materials, an immense library concerning the global financial markets and trading rules for them, where customers can find many useful things, including profitable Forex strategies. If the customer desires to study the profession of the trader in the future, the broker offers training costing 4000 rubles, but it can be free or with a considerable discount depending on the amount that the new Forex trader is willing to credit to his trading account.

Kalita Finance is one of the few brokers that allows traders to trade at the weekend and it also provides instruments such as dual currency and the consumer basket.


Kalita Finance organizes for its customers a large number of promotions and contests, which allows them to receive various privileges and cash prizes. All new customers of the broker can also count on the Forex bonus ranging from 20% to 30% of the credited sum.

A Forex bonus from Kalita Finance is available for all new customers who credit their deposit for the first time. The bonus is not withdrawable and is only available for trading on the Forex market. If the amount of replenishment is less than 10,000 rubles, the Forex bonus comprises 20%, and if the amount is higher, the bonus is 30%.

The promotion Safe Start is held periodically for new customers of the broker and it consists in receiving compensation for the sum of the first replenishment of the trading account in the amount of 3000 rubles in case of unsuccessful currency pairs trading on the Forex market, i.e. in case of a complete loss of funds by the customer, the broker compensates this loss, crediting 3000 rubles to the personal account of the trader.

The promotion Crowned at once is held by the broker periodically and it allows customers to replenish their personal accounts in the amount exceeding 15,000 rubles, to trade for a month on the tariff plan "Platinum".

The promotion On Seven Hills was held for the first time, but probably it would be continued in the future. According to the conditions of the promotion any customer of Kalita Finance in case of the commitment of at least one transaction on the foreign exchange market or other financial markets can expect a doubling of profits or reducing losses by half. For example, the customer has earned by one transaction $100, in this case, the broker accrues to the trader's account extra $100 as a Forex bonus. The loss of $100 leads to the compensation by the broker of its part in the amount of $50.


Kalita Finance offers users to get acquainted with the global financial markets on its site by means of "The ABCs of a Trader" from which traders can obtain answers to the following questions:

- what are currency quotes, spreads, pips or points

- how to earn on the foreign exchange Forex market

- how to earn on the stock exchange market

- how to trade indices

- how to earn on the commodity and agricultural markets

- how to analyze the foreign exchange market

- how to conduct transactions.

Customers of Kalita-Finance can also pass a distance learning course, which costs 4,000 rubles.

The distance learning course:

- introduction

- operations with trading platform

- introduction to technical analysis

- instruments of technical analysis

- major patterns of technical analysis

- computer analysis of the foreign exchange market

- basics of fundamental analysis

- trading Forex strategies

- capital management

- psychology of Internet trading.

In addition, the broker offers its customers the opportunity to study the video tutorials about operations on the foreign exchange market, as well as an immense library with books that are available for download.

The library of Kalita Finance:

- Steven B. Achelis, Technical Analysis from A to Z

- Jack D. Schwager, a Complete Guide to Tecnical Analysis

- Thomas R. Demark, the New Science of Technical Analysis

- Steve Nison, the Japanese Candles. The graphic Analysis Financial Market

- D. Murphy, Intermarket Technical Analysis

- Bill Williams, Trading Chaos: Maximize Profits with Proven Technical Techniques

- V.N. Lihovidov, Fundamental analysis of the Global Foreign Exchange Markets. Forecasting Methods and Decision-making

- V.N. Lihovidov, Fundamental Analysis. Synopsis

- D. Arrington, Risk Management Guide

- R. Vince, Mathematics of Money Management

- Edwin Lefevre, Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

- George Soros, the Alchemy of Finance.

In the list above, a small amount of books about global financial markets can be seen, which are available for free download and further study. The complete list is available on the website of Kalita Finance.

Directly after getting acquainted with the international Forex market all customers of the broker can open a demo account, where there is an opportunity to practice in currency pairs trading in real time, but with virtual money, which will not allow beginners to risk their own money.

Terms of trading

Broker Kalita Finance offers the following trading conditions for traders:

- the foreign currency account (the base currency)

- the minimum deposit is 3000 rubles

- the leverage is 1:300 (the decrease to 1:1 is possible)

- thirty eight currency pairs, securities, gold, silver, futures

- spread is fixed from 2 points (the floating one is from 0.4 points)

iTrader 8

- multi-language support

- operations with several trading account simultaneously

- ECN Kalitex (price history graph, market depth)

- thirty five embedded indicators

- commission of transactions by one click

- GUI-robot (the use of algorithmic multiactive Forex trading strategies)

- rating of Forex trading advisors (by profitability)

- complete technical analysis (imposition of Forex indicators and levels and lines of one on one up to thirty)

- new of the foreign exchange market

- direct communication with employees via the platform of the broker

Web Trader

- multi-language support

- the possibility for operations via the browser without downloading

- it is compatible with any operating system

- it is compatible with any browser

- two types of interface

- analogue of the program iTrader 8.

Customers of the broker can take advantage of one of its tariff plans, which differ in the amount of the deposit, influencing the offered trading conditions on the Forex market.

Trading plan "Classic":

- the deposit is up to 19999 rubles

- training costs 4000 rubles

- all financial instruments are available

- GUI-robot is available

- commission is according to current conditions

-% on idle funds is 0

- position transfer is 8%.

Trading plan "Silver":

- the deposit is from 20000 to 99999 rubles

- training costs 50% of price

- all financial instruments are available

- GUI-robot is available

- commission -10% discount

-% on idle funds is 6

- position transfer - 8%.

Trading plan "Gold":

- the deposit is from 100000 to 399999 rubles

- training is free of charge

- all financial instruments are available

- GUI-robot is available

- commission -30% discount

-% on idle funds is 8

- position transfer -15% discount.

Trading plan "Platinum":

- the deposit is from 400000 rubles

- training is free of charge

- all financial instruments are available

- GUI-robot is available

- commission -50% discount

-% on idle funds is 9

- position transfer -20% discount.

Forex indicators (recommended)

- Pattern Recognition

- Instant Trend Line

- Silver trend Signal

- Price Channel

- Anchored Momentum.

Forex expert advisors (recommended)

- Forex Wallstreet EA (an automatic Forex advisor that is capable of self-learning, based on previous transactions, and it distinguished itself to be very effective both at long-term and short-term distances, especially in the time frame M15)

- Profit FIXATOR (an automatic Forex advisor that does not cause problems while using by the majority of traders, because of the easy setup, after which it gives good results in intraday trading on the foreign exchange market)

- Gepard 5.0 (an automatic Forex advisor that has a large number of settings, so it suits advanced traders who can set it up in at their own discretion for currency pairs trading at different distances).


Kalita Finance does not allow its clients to invest funds in successful manager via PAMM-accounts operating on its site, but it is always willing to discuss investment of their customers' finances. Customers should contact employees of the broker by e-mail concerning the investment. Employees of the broker will contact customers by one of the available methods after consideration of the application.

Unique features

Kalita-Finance offers its customers and all users to get acquainted with the latest news taking place on the global financial markets, the analysis of which is conducted by specialist, and it provides an opportunity to use this information by everyone who uses fundamental analysis while trading. The experts conduct also technical analysis and upload on the website of Kalita Finance the data about different currency pairs.

Add/withdraw funds

Kalita Finance provides the following methods of deposit and withdrawal of funds: VISA, MasterCard, Yandex Money, Elecsnet, Money mail.ru, QIWI, Euronetwork, WebMoney and bank transfers.


Kalita Finance provides the comprehensive support for all its customers via online chat, via the feedback form or by phone number + 7-495-788-77-06. In addition, users can request a call back or make a direct call from the computer.

Cons and pros

+ the famous Russian broker

+ the minimum deposit is 3000 rubles

+ small spread

+ good leverage

+ many promotions and contests

+ good Forex bonus

- training for beginners is fee-based.

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