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Company Inforex has been operating in the field of financial services for ten years, and during that time it has earned a positive reputation among numerous customers.

Company provides comprehensive training for beginners, and it can be passed both for free and for fee, but more profoundly, and namely for this different courses are created.

New customers have the right to get a welcome Forex bonus, which will be accrued immediately after making a deposit. Regular customers of the broker can get Forex bonus for the secondary replenishment of the account, and get loyalty bonus, which is provided by the company.

Company Inforex has been involved in various charitable programs for many years, helping selflessly those who are in need.


Company Inforex holds for customers regular and periodic promotions, allowing them to receive a variety of Forex bonuses.

Welcome Forex bonus is available for new customers, and it is paid on a regular basis. A new customer needs to register and fund a trading account in the amount of not less than $300 in order to become an owner of the welcome bonus. Immediately after replenishment, the Forex bonus of $50 will be accrued to the customer's account. Bonus funds are available for trading on the foreign exchange market, and they can be withdrawn from the account after reaching the minimum trading volume of $5 standard lots. A standard lot is equal to approximately 10 US dollars.

Forex bonus for making a deposit is paid by the broker periodically. Information about it can be found on the official website of the broker. Forex bonus for making a deposit comprises 10% of the deposit, and its maximum sum is $2,500. This bonus can be obtained by each trader, who funds his account, during the promotion. Bonus funds can be used for trading currency pairs on Forex, and completing a trading volume indicated by the broker, they become withdrawable. Trading volume is calculated simply, it is necessary to multiply the sum of the Forex bonus by 10, and it will be the trading volume that should be closed in order to release the bonus.

Loyalty bonus is given to regular customers of the company, and comprises from 1% to 10% per year. Its sum is calculated on the basis of the customer's deposit, and the value is determined on the basis of the client's length of service in the company.


A large number of educational materials are present on the official website of the Inforex, which allow learning how to trade on the foreign exchange market. Various courses about Internet trading, both free and fee-based, are also available.

Educational materials about trading on the Forex market:

1. Briefly about the Forex market:

- what is the foreign exchange market

- how to make profits on the Forex market

- what is margin trading and how to use it correctly for making a profit

- why it is beneficial for brokers to provide services for traders.

2. History of the appearance of the Forex market:

- unstable wartime period

- signing of the Bretton Woods Agreement

- appearance of the Forex market (January 8, 1976)

- transition to Internet trading.

3. The largest market makers:

- Morgan Stanley

- JP Morgan

- Goldman Sachs


- Bank of America

- Barclays Capital

- Royal Bank of Scotland

- Citi


- Deutsche Bank.

4. Forex and possible crises.

5. Recommended literature about Internet trading:

- Money, or the Money ABC by Bodo Schafer

- How I Play and Win on the Stock Exchange by Harry Smith

- Exchange Secrets by Larry Connors

- Market Wizards by Jack Schweiger

- Trading Chaos by Bill Williams

- Reminiscences of a Stock Operator by Edwin Lefevre

- The Book of Investing Wisdom by Peter Krass

- The Day Trader by Lewis Barselino.

6. Forex glossary.

Courses on trading on the currency market:

1. Basic course (free)

- Central Banks and interventions

- macroeconomic indicators and their influence on the foreign exchange market

- chart types

- moving averages and rules for their use

- major reversal patterns or trend continuation

- time frames in trading on Forex

- channels and their use in trading

- patterns that show trend

- oscillators (MACD, Stochastic, RSI)

- Internet trading and the influence of psychology on it

- how to manage capital correctly while working on the Forex market.

2. Fee-based course for novice traders:

- what is the international foreign exchange market

- familiarization with technical analysis

- study of MACD

- study of Stochastic

- study of RSI

- how to use moving averages

- determination of trendlines

- support and resistance

- familiarization with fundamental analysis

- correct risk management on the foreign exchange market

- how to make a plan for the work of a trader.

3. Fee-based course for experienced traders:

- all the nuances of fundamental analysis

- correct interpretation of the MACD signals

- several secrets explaining how to make money on the trendlines that appear

- how to make profits using Stochastic

- correct interpretation of the RSI signals

- risk management

- elaboration and testing of traders' own Forex strategies.

4. Special fee-based courses for advanced professional development:

- professional course (ability to make the right decisions in difficult situations)

- Japanese candlesticks (full course of candlestick analysis)

- Elliott Theory (one of the most powerful ways to make a market forecast)

- Bill Williams Chaos Theory).

Seminars are periodically conducted on the website of the company. Employees of the broker report about them in advance those who want to sign up for them and get valuable information from professionals.

If necessary, every trader has an opportunity to open a free demo account. On demo accounts they can trade with virtual money, but using real quotes of the foreign exchange market that will prevent traders from losing their own finances at the early stage of work.Demo accounts are also recommended for experienced traders, as they allow testing trading strategies, Forex technical indicators and expert advisors in a safe mode.

Terms of trading

Inforex offers the following trading conditions for traders:

- the foreign currency account (the base currency)

- the minimum deposit is $50

- the leverage is 1:200 (it can be increased on request)

- microlot size is 0.01

- the minimum lot size is 0.1

- standard lot size is 1.0

- a lot of currency pairs, contracts for differences (CFD), gold, silver

- fixed spread is from 1 point

- market swaps

- scalping is available

- hedging is available.

MetaTrader 4

- multi-language support

- order execution - Instant Execution

- huge database of embedded Forex indicators

- addition of new technical indicators

- creation and installation of Forex expert advisors on MetaQuotes Language 4

- export and import of currency quotes

- chart printing.

Company Inforex is willing to offer its clients several types of trading accounts for trading on the foreign exchange market and exchanges:

- Micro

- Mini

- Standard.

Trading account Micro:

- the minimum deposit is $50

- the leverage is 1:200

- allowed lot size is 0.01

- no commission

- opening of Islamic account is not available.

Trading account Mini:

- the minimum deposit is $300

- the leverage is 1:200

- allowed lot sizes are 0.01; 0.1

- no commission

- opening of Islamic account is available.

Trading account Standard:

- the minimum deposit is $2,000

- the leverage is 1:200 (it can be increased or decreased on request)

- allowed lot sizes are 0.1; 1.0

- no commission

- opening of Islamic account is not available.

Forex indicators (recommended)

- Pattern Recognition Master

- Ishimoku

- Force Index

- Standard Deviation

- Detrended Price Oscillator.

Forex expert advisors (recommended)

- Binario (an automated Forex expert advisor, based on operations with various moving averages, which give an opportunity to use it for trading any currency pair and in any time frame on the currency market)

- BasketFX (an automated Forex expert advisor that is able to make profits in trading on the foreign exchange market on absolutely any conditions, as it uses precise mathematical analysis, allowing it to operate efficiently both with trends and against them)

- FX Nostradamus (an automated Forex expert advisor that uses the technical indicator Parabolic and moving averages for operations on the currency market, giving it an opportunity to trade any currency pair and in any time frame with great profits).


Company Inforex does not currently provide its clients with an opportunity to invest money in professional managers, since it does not have special PAMM-accounts, which make the trust management the most transparent and the least risky. All agreements between clients concerning investment will not be regulated by the broker, so all risks and the entire responsibility lies entirely with them.

Unique features

The online journal can be named among the unique features of the Inforex. Traders may find in it a lot of useful information about the global financial markets, the most promising strategies, advices of professional financial analysts, and other things that will allow them to trade successfully on the international Forex market and world exchanges in the future.

Add/withdraw funds

Depositing and withdrawing of funds from accounts of the clients is carried out on Inforex by bank cards and bank transfers.


Company Inforex provides its customers with the comprehensive support via online chat and feedback form, located on its official website.

Cons and pros

+ the world renowned broker

+ the minimum deposit is $50

+ small spread

+ good leverage

+ various Forex bonuses

+ comprehensive Internet trading training

- no contests for traders

- few ways to deposit trading accounts.

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