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Iconeon was founded in 1999, and its main directions were the provision of customers with access to the stock market and the composition of the individual investment programs. In 2002 Iconeon entered into an agreement with the Swiss company Polart Ltd., which allowed it to participate in the institutional banking programs, gaining access to numerous global financial markets.

The company transformed into a brokerage house and began to provide online brokerage services in 2009.

Nowadays the broker offers users free intensive training courses about the foreign exchange market and then favorable trading conditions for currency pairs or CFD.

All customers of the Iconeon are invited to the exclusive club, where the broker distributes various bonuses, and the service, carried out by personal managers, is strictly individual.


Iconeon holds on its website various promotions for its traders, where they can receive attractive Forex bonuses.

First of all, the broker offers all clients to join its BE-IN Club, whose members receive various regularly benefits.

Benefits of the BE-IN Club members:

- Forex $50 bonus for the birthday of every trader

- gifts for the replenishment of the deposit on the first day of each month

- certificate for a friend

- free advices about Forex trading

- 10% discount on buying a Forex expert advisor.

Iconeon organizes also tournaments for their customers on a regular basis. Nowadays traders can participate in two tournaments:

- Boyar

- Royal.

The Boyar Tournament takes place on a regular basis and it lasts one week. The tournament is held on demo accounts, where every participant can trade with leverage of 1:200 and startup capital in the amount of $5,000. Based on the results of the tournament three traders whose profits are the greatest will become owners of good Forex bonuses.

Prize pool distribution of the boyar tournament:

- the1st place - Forex bonus is $700

-the 2nd place - Forex bonus is $400

- the 3rd place - Forex bonus is $100.

The Royal Tournament is held monthly and owners of the real Iconeon accounts with a deposit not less than $500 may become its participants. Winners are determined at the end of the tournament according to the following principle: the startup deposit and the possible profit on a percentage basis. Traders, who have received the highest possible profit on a percentage basis, will share the prize pool that comprises $15,000.


Three training courses are published on the official website of the Iconeon, which allow both beginners and experienced traders to master trading on the foreign exchange market.

Training courses about the foreign exchange market:

1. Theory and practice of trading for novice traders

2. Reversal swing trading

3. Fractal patterns.

Theory and practice of trading for novice traders

Lesson #1. Global financial platforms

- futures, stock and foreign exchange markets

-what trader can invest in (currency, futures, bonds, stocks)

- dealers, brokers and market makers

- investment funds

- basics of stock trading

- how to become a professional trader.

Lesson #2. Basics of fundamental analysis

- tools, used in fundamental analysis

- how economic news affect the behavior of the foreign exchange market

- the most efficient and less efficient markets

- fundamental trading indicators from L. Williams.

Lesson #3. Basics of technical analysis

- axioms of technical analysis, proposed by Charles Dow

- what charts exist

- what is trend and where to find it

- ranges

- basic patterns, used in analysis (head and shoulders, pennants and flags, triangle, double top, triple top).

Lesson #4. In-depth technical analysis

- Elliott Wave Theory

- support and resistance levels

- how to use Fibonacci levels in analysis

- Forex indicators and oscillators.

Lesson #5. Competent money management

- how to invest profitably

- how to calculate all possible risks before conducting a transaction

- profit factor

- profitable trading methodology.

Lesson #6. Psychology of Internet trading

- human factors in trading

- market as a system

- historical examples

- common mistakes of novice traders.

Lesson #7. Trading terminals for trading on the global financial platforms

- what terminals exist and how to use them

- popular trading terminal Meta Trader 4

- rules of work with Meta Trader 4

- how to perform technical analysis MT 4

- trading strategies and Forex expert advisors for MT 4.

Lesson #8. Forex trading strategies

- inefficient market

- volatility and consolidation

- profitable trading strategies (turtle trading, moving averages etc.)

- level crossing

- temporary factors in trading on the foreign exchange market.

Reversal swing trading

Lesson #1. Trading system for Forex

- search for inefficiency

- candlestick analysis.

Lesson #2. Psychology of Internet trading

- why traders lose money while trading on the stock market

- how to become a successful trader

- formula for success of Internet trading.

Lesson #3. Levels

- support and resistance levels and their repeated crossing

- strong levels (examples)

- calculation of levels.

Lesson #4. Reversal patterns

- three little Indians

- consolidation zones

- false breakouts.

Lesson #5. Fibonacci and candlestick analysis

- Fibonacci levels and their non-standard use

- candlestick patterns

- examples of candlestick patterns.

Lesson #6. Basics of fundamental analysis

- influence of news on the foreign exchange market

- Forex indicators of Larry Williams

- options.

Lesson #7. Basic Reversal Patterns

- false double top

- Wolfe waves.

Lesson #8. Temporary factors

- Monday and Friday

- moon phases.

Fractal patterns

Lesson #1. Fractal patterns and their basics.

Lesson #2. Fractal tools

Lesson #3. Types of patterns

Lesson #4. Impulsive situation

Lesson #5. Levels

Lesson #6. Opening and closing transactions

Lesson #7. Correct risk calculation on the currency market

Lesson #8. Trading pitfalls

Lesson #9. Auxiliary tools

Lesson #10. Fundamental analysis and its influence.

Terms of trading

Iconeon offers the following trading conditions for traders:

- the foreign currency account (the base currency)

- the minimum deposit is $10

- the leverage is from 1:1 to 1:200

- a lot of currency pairs, CFD

- spread is fixed from 2 points

- margin call is 80%

- stop out is 70%

- automated trading is available

- hedging is available

- no commission fee (on the Forex market).

IN Trader (analogue of MetaTrader 4)

- multi-language support

- order execution - Instant Execution

- huge database of embedded Forex indicators

- addition of new technical indicators

- elaboration and installation of new Forex expert advisors MetaQuotes Language 4

- quotes export via DDE

- chart printing.

IN Multiterminal

- ability to manage several accounts simultaneously

- all features of the IN Trader.

Iconeon offers two types of accounts for trading on the international Forex market:

- Private investor

- Institutional.

Trading account Private investor:

- the minimum deposit is $100 ($10 on promotion)

- deposit recommended by the broker is $500

- the leverage is up to 1:200

- the minimum lot size is 0.01

- step is 0.0001.

Trading account Institutional:

- the minimum deposit is $3,000

- deposit recommended by the broker is $10,000

- the leverage is up to 1:100 (for deposits up to $50,000)

- the leverage is up to 1:33 (for deposits over $50,000)

- the minimum lot size is 0.1

- step is 0.0001

- insurance is provided on the first deposit

- free advices for creation of Forex expert advisors.

Forex indicators (recommended)

- Anchored Momentum

- Instant Trend Line

- Ind TD DeMark

- Price Channel

- Silver trend Signal.

Forex expert advisors (recommended)

- Ilan (an automated Forex expert advisor that trades on the currency market using the method of Martingale, demonstrating good results at long-term distances)

- Forex Wallstreet EA (an automated Forex expert advisor, provided with numerous settings, and capable of analyzing the previous transactions on the Forex market and self-learning, allowing independent trading on any currency pair and in all time frames)

- Forex EA Better (an automated Forex expert advisor that is capable of self-development by analyzing committed transaction, showing eventually good profitability on major currency pairs).


At the moment on the site of the Iconeon there are no PAMM-accounts or accounts similar to them, which allow investors to transfer finances to the professional traders in trust management. All agreements about trust management are independent activities of investors and the broker does not bear any responsibility for any questions that may arise.

Unique features

All customers of the Iconeon have a unique opportunity to gain access to a large database of technical indicators and Forex expert advisors, which is available on the site of the broker. Users can choose from this database the most suitable Forex indicator or expert advisor for trading on the foreign exchange market and become its owner for an insignificant fee.

In addition, all customers can order Forex advisors on a paid basis by specialists of the broker exactly for theirs parameters. After receiving the advisor, the trader can count on the full support of the broker's specialists and on reconfiguration of the expert advisor, if necessary.

Add/withdraw funds

Iconeon provides customers with the following methods for depositing the accounts, as well as for withdrawal: WebMoney, Visa, MasterCard, in foreign currency through Credit Suisse, in rubles through Alfa-Bank and Sberbank.


Iconeon supports its customers by e-mail [email protected], via the feedback form, located on the website of the broker, as well as by phone (391)28-90-62 and (391)28-90-60.

Cons and pros

+ the fast growing broker

+ the minimum deposit is $10

+ small spread

+ good leverage

+ Forex bonuses

+ good Forex guides

- few ways to deposit and withdraw funds.

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