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The Head Office of the GDMFX Company is located in Auckland, New Zealand. International representative offices can be found in Western Europe, China, Indonesia and India.

The official site of GDMFX is available in several foreign languages: Chinese, Malaysian, English, Russian, Indonesian and Turkish.

Company aims at further development and expansion of its customer base, providing traders from around the world with the most advanced technology and the best trading conditions on the global financial markets. Its desires are appreciated by professionals. GDMFX received the appropriate awards at prestigious international exhibitions: "Best Execution Broker Asia Pacific 2012" and "Asia Pacific Fastest Growing FX Broker 2013".

Brokerage company offers its customers free training of Internet trading at different levels, which is designed for rookies, novice traders and advanced traders, who have already traded.

Company GDMFX also pays Forex bonuses to new and regular customers in two promotions, which are held regularly.


Two promotions are held on the official site of GDMFX, which allow customers to receive Forex bonuses.

Welcome bonus is intended for new customers, who have joined the company and decided to trade through it on the global financial markets. Welcome Forex bonus comprises 10% of the deposited sum. Bonus funds are credited to the account directly after the replenishment of the deposit. Bonus can be used to trade various financial tools. It can be also withdrawn from the account by following the simple requirements of the brokerage company. The client should close 1 standard lot on the foreign exchange or other markets for each 5 bonus dollars. The customer has the right to withdraw finances from the account at any time, but in this case the company will recalculate the total volume of transactions, so that he could also withdraw bonus funds. The remaining sum of the Forex bonus is not nullified, but remains on the account of the trader, and it can later be withdrawn by closing the required trading volume.

Company GDMFX offers its traders as a Forex bonus to return commission for transferring funds to the trading account. For example, the client funds an account in the amount of $500. His bank takes a commission of $10 and the intermediary bank charges for its services $20. So the client's account is credited at $470. After confirming the transfer, the company will credit the customer's account in the amount of $30, compensating the commission of banks. This offer is valid for all accounts, but the sum of compensation for the replenishment of the deposit can not exceed $70.


Company GDMFX provides novice traders, as well as experienced traders, with an opportunity to take advantage of numerous educational materials, which will help them to learn currency trading, or increase their skills.

All educational materials are subdivided into several categories:

- for rookies

- for novice traders

- for medium-level traders

- for advanced traders.

Educational material about trading on the international Forex market:

1. For rookies:

- what is the Forex market

- what are the main advantages of the Forex market

- introduction to the currency trading

- what are ask and bid

- what is spread

- Forex glossary

- history of Forex appearance.

2. For novice traders:

- what parameters should be used in trading on the foreign exchange market

- currency quotes and base currency

- currencies that are used for trading on the Forex market

- how to enter Forex

- economic indicators

- fundamental analysis

- technical analysis

- types of possible charts

- what is leverage.

3. For medium-level traders:

- several levels of traders

- patterns, how to find them and their further use

- channels, how to build them and their use in trading

- Forex indicators (part 1)

- Forex indicators (part 2)

- Forex indicators (part 3)

- Fibonacci numbers and how to find the Golden Ratio

- support and resistance levels, pivot points

- how to increase or decrease position.

4. For advanced traders:

- trading using fundamental analysis

- trading on news

- popular Forex strategies of fundamental trading

- intersections


- causes of price changing in the foreign exchange market

- use of Fibonacci numbers in trading

- use of Forex technical indicators in trading

- psychology of traders

- Forex psychology.

Terms of trading

Company GDMFX offers the following trading conditions for traders:

- the foreign currency account (the base currency)

- the minimum deposit is $100

- the leverage is from 1:1 to 1:500

- the minimum lot size is 0.01

- a large number of currency pairs, securities, gold, silver, futures

- spreads are from 0.1 points

- no swaps

- scalping is available

- hedging is available.

MetaTrader 4

- multi-language support

- order execution - Instant Execution

- embedded Forex indicators

- addition of new technical indicators

- installation and operations with Forex expert advisors on MQLanguage 4

- export and import of currency quotes

- chart printing.

Multi-Account Manager

- multi-language support

- main features of the Meta Trader 4

- operations with an unlimited number of accounts

- MAM technology

- trading any lot

- use of master accounts for operations with orders

- opportunity of automated trading

- statistical data about trading on Forex

- reporting

- back office.

Company GDMFX offers its traders several types of accounts for trading on the global financial markets:

- Classic

- ECN Blade

- Elite

- Premium.

Currently, no information about trading conditions on accounts is available on the site, so traders should contact the specialists of the company from the technical support for more detailed information.

Forex indicators (recommended)

- Pattern Recognition

- Hull Moving Average

- Belomor Trend Factor

- Percentage Price Oscillator

- Accelerator LSMA.

Forex expert advisors (recommended)

- Goodwine (an automated Forex expert advisor, elaborated on the basis of the technical indicator WATR especially for trading in short time frames, where it shows good results, making considerable profits)

- MACD Pattern (an automated Forex expert advisor that has numerous settings, and is based on the indicator of the same name, allowing it to operate on the foreign exchange market with any currency pairs and in any time frame)

- Spike Trader (an automated Forex expert advisor that trades on the foreign exchange market using popular candlestick analysis, giving it an opportunity to make a good profit, using incipient trends for that).


Company GDMFX offers its customers to take advantage of MAM system, which can help to transfer funds from personal accounts to master accounts of professional traders, who are engaged in trust management. When customers invest funds in professional traders, they can view the situation on the master account of the manager at any time, and withdraw their money from the account, if necessary. Investing funds through the PAMM system is carried out on a contract basis, where investors and managers indicate the conditions of mutually beneficial cooperation, i.e. the manager receives for its work a certain percentage of profits, earned on funds transferred in trust management.

Unique features

Company GDMFX offers its traders the unique opportunity to become partners and earn on the foreign exchange market without risk, as trading is not required, and they will only need to attract new customers.

The affiliate program includes three completely different directions:

- Introducing Broker

- Fund Manager

- White Label.

Any trader that works on GDMFX may become an introducing broker. Company provides him with a personal back office and marketing materials that give him an opportunity to attract new customers effectively. The partner will receive a certain regular percentage for all transactions, conducted on the Forex market.

Fund management is designed for traders, who have in their database customers, who are ready to transfer to them money for management. Traders manage finances of their customers by means of the Multi-Account Manager, and receive commissions for their work.

White Label is designed for legal persons, which are willing to develop business in the field of brokerage services. Company GDMFX will provide them with existing business models for the development of their own brands in the market of financial services.

GDMFX also offers customers to use the service of social trading, which allows traders and investors to communicate, and set up automated trading, which consists in copying actions of successful traders.

Main advantages of social trading:

- testing on demo accounts

- deposit minimum requirements

- investment diversification

- connection of trading signals from one or several professional traders

- extra income of social trading.

Add/withdraw funds

Traders of GDMFX have the ability to deposit and withdraw funds from the trading account via Maestro, MasterCard, Visa and bank transfers.


GDMFX supports its customers concerning all questions, which can be asked via online chat, email [email protected] and by international phone + 649-973-4263.

Cons and pros

+ the fast growing broker

+ the minimum deposit is $100

+ small spread

+ good leverage

+ deposit Forex bonus

+ many educational materials about Internet trading

- no contests on demo accounts for traders

- few ways to deposit and withdraw funds from trading accounts.

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