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The world famous broker FXCM started its productive activities in 1999, and the company Forex Capital Markets is hidden behind its name. The company currently has a number of international offices.

International offices of FXCM:

- New York (United States) - regulated by FCM, NFA member (National Futures Association)

- London (United Kingdom) - regulated by FCA

- Berlin (Germany) - regulated by BaFin and FCA

- Sydney (Australia) - regulated by ASIC

- Paris (France) - regulated by FCA

- Legnano (Italy) - regulated CONCOB

- Athens (Greece) - regulated by the FSA

- Konkong (China) - regulated by SFC

- Tokyo (Japan) - registered and monitored by JFSA.

In addition to the above mentioned representative offices of the Forex Capital Markets Company, it has additional branches in America and affiliate offices in Canada, Chile and Israel.

FXCM offers traders some of the most favorable conditions for trading on the foreign exchange, stock and commodity markets. It provides the comprehensive support concerning all questions, and gives new traders the opportunity to review and study materials about Internet trading, published on its website. Educational materials include books for downloading, articles about foreign exchange trading, detailed video tutorials and demo accounts that will help anyone who is interested in it to become a true professional trader.


Customers of the FXCM do not receive Forex bonuses for the replenishment of trading accounts. Contests for traders that allow them to win valuable gifts and cash prizes are not organized on the official website of the broker. One promotion called Refer a Friend is offered to traders of the company.

The promotion Refer a Friend is primarily designed by the broker for popularization of its own services, as it pays bonuses to its Forex traders for talking about it to other traders or people who are interested in trading on the foreign exchange market, or more precisely for their registration as clients of the FXCM. For each new attracted client the broker is willing to pay Forex bonus that comprises $100. Forex bonus on the trading account is received not only by a trader who has invited a new client, but also by the client. Bonus funds at the initial stage can be used to trade currency pairs, increasing a trading volume. In case of making a trading volume, indicated by the staff of the FXCM, traders will be able, if necessary, to withdraw them from the account.


A lot of materials are collected on the official website of the Forex Capital Markets that can allow mastering the profession of the trader in case of their careful study.

Learning materials about the Internet trading.

1. Money on Forex:

- what is the international Forex market

- how to earn on the currency market

2. Forex market:

- history of the foreign exchange market

- brokers

- conflicts that may arise between clients and brokers.

3. Hedging:

- what is hedging and how to use it

- factors that are necessary to be considered in hedging.

4. Currency pairs and correlation coefficient:

- correlation types

- how to calculate correlation.

5. Elliott wave analysis.

6. Ichimoku (technical indicator)

7. Money management:

- analysis of the currency market

- trading techniques in the Forex market

- risk diversification

- stop orders

- trend trading

- calculation of gains and losses

- limiting the number of trading transactions

- self-control.

Video tutorials.

1. Main advantages of the foreign exchange market:

- advantages

- differences between the foreign exchange and the stock exchange market.

2. Forex terminology:

- main terms

- how to trade currency pairs

- how to choose the best trading conditions on Forex.

3. Sequences:

- order types

- how to protect yourself while trading on the Forex market.

4. Forex trading strategy:

- market analysis and its types

- main components affecting the efficiency of trading

- how to choose trading strategy.

5. Glossary.

All clients of FXCM can freely download the book "Trading Strategies". In the book, novice traders will find answers to the following questions:

- when the Forex market appeared

- how to start trading on the foreign exchange market

- what types of analysis exist and how to use them

- what is trading strategy

- what famous strategies are better to use

- how to create an independent Forex strategy.

After studying the materials about Internet trading, the broker advises clients to open a demo account for testing their knowledge, and for mastering the technical and fundamental analysis in practice, as well as testing the well-known trading strategies in action or testing their own trading systems on the foreign exchange market. All that is possible on a demo account, where trading takes place using real foreign exchange rates, but the transactions are carried out with virtual money.

Terms of trading

FXCM offers the following trading conditions for traders:

- the foreign currency account (the base currency)

- the minimum deposit is $

- the leverage is from 1:100 to 1:500

- a large number of currency pairs, securities, gold, silver, futures

- market spread is from 0.7 points

- one click trading

- hedging is available

- scalping is available

- orders inside the spread are available

- no requotes

- slippages are very rare.

FXCM MetaTrader 4

- multi-language support

- order execution - Instant and Market Execution

- embedded Forex indicators (huge database)

- addition of traders' own technical indicators

- MetaQuotes Language 4 for operations and creation of Forex expert advisors

- export and import of quotes

- chart printing.

FX Trading Station 2.0

- English-speaking support

- access to trading charts with the help of MarketScope Charts Plugin

- technical support.

Forex Capital Markets offers the following trading accounts for trading on the foreign exchange market:

- Micro

- Standard.

Trading account Micro:

- the minimum deposit is $50

- spread is from 1 point

- the leverage is from 1:1 up to 1:400

- the minimum transaction size is $1,000.

Trading account Standard:

- the minimum deposit is $2,000

- spread is from 0.7 points

- the leverage is from 1:1 up to 1:200

- the minimum transaction size is $10,000.

Forex indicators (recommended)

- Standard Deviation

- Fractals

- Accelerator Oscillator

- Moving Average

- Force Index.

Forex expert advisors (recommended)

- Goodwine (an automated Forex expert advisor that is an efficient scalper, showing attractive results in trading at short-term distances, and operating with the help of the technical indicator WATR)

- Ichimoku Chinkou Cross (an automated Forex expert advisor, created on the basis of technical indicator of the same name, that allows it to operate absolutely with all currency pairs in any time frame after insignificant setup made by traders)

- Spike Trader (an automated Forex expert advisor that analyzes competently the market with the help of Japanese candlesticks, and on the basis of the obtained data it enters and exits the market, showing pretty large profits).


On the site of the FXCM clients are encouraged to invest money in professional traders who are employees of the broker. Potential investors should send an application form to specialists of the broker, filling in all the necessary items, including indication of the amount they are willing to transfer to the trust management. After consideration of the application employees of the broker will contact clients, who are willing to invest money, and offer them a number of different systems used by managers, indicating the potential risks, the expected profit etc. When employees of the broker and potential investors fix on one of the investment systems, an offer will be concluded. Clients transfer funds in trust management to traders of the broker, and can later watch their work and make a profit.

Since the investment is associated with a high risk, the broker warns investors about it, because funds can not only be multiplied, but they also can be lost in trust management.

Unique features

Forex Capital Markets Company offers traders to subscribe for a fee to trading signals, which considerably improve the quality of their trading. The subscription fee for the month is $19.99, and for this price traders will get access to signals of the leading provider of the world, direct access to the company's financial analysts, diagrams, trading charts etc.

Company FXCM has prepared for its customers an affiliate program that allows them to earn extra income. Additional income consists of the commission fees that the broker pays to its partners. Commission fees are paid from the trading volume of customers who are attracted by the partner to trade through FXCM on the foreign exchange or any other global financial markets.

Broker provides its partners with various promotional materials and the comprehensive support for attraction of new customers.

Profits of the partners depend on the trade volume of the attracted customers, and the higher they are, the higher is a commission fee, respectively.

Add/withdraw funds

Traders can use credit and debit cards or send funds by bank transfer to make a deposit on accounts of the FXCM. Withdrawal of finances is available in the same way.


FXCM provides its customers with the comprehensive support concerning all questions via e-mail [email protected], by phone +7 499 9187115 (Moscow number) or traders can request a callback by filling in the application form on the site of the broker.

Cons and pros

+ the world famous broker

+ the minimum deposit is $50

+ small spread

+ good leverage

+ a lot of learning materials in trading currency pairs

- no Forex deposit bonuses

- no contests

- few ways to fund an account.

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