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FormulaFX has been operating in the field of brokerage services for years, and has distinguished itself as a reliable brokerage company from the UK. The Head Office of the company is located in Valley, United Kingdom. Official website of the company is available in Russian, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, Arabic and Chinese.

Company offers its customers the popular trading platform Meta Trader 4, numerous financial tools available on the global markets and a wide range of different accounts, including Islamic, for trading.

Novice traders have the opportunity to study trading for free on the basis of materials that are published on the site of the broker in large quantities.


FormulaFX provides clients with several Forex bonuses that will help to increase significantly trading volumes on the foreign exchange market in case of their obtaining.

Forex deposit bonus is available for all customers of the FormulaFX. Its amount can reach 100% of the deposit. Customers should meet several conditions of the broker to receive the bonus:

- undergo verification if it is not undergone

- fund a trading account (any sum)

- fill in an application from for the Forex bonus

- send an application to employees of the broker.

Forex bonuses will be accrued to the accounts of customers after meeting all the above-mentioned conditions. Values of Forex bonuses depend on the deposited sum. Validity period of Forex bonuses is determined by the employees of the broker in each case individually.

The promotion Refer a Friend is available for all traders of the company, and it gives them the opportunity to receive Forex bonuses for attraction of new customers from friends and acquaintances to the FormulaFX. It is necessary to submit an application to employees of the broker in order to participate in the promotion. Then a unique referral link, which can be used for invitation of new users to the FormulaFX, is sent to a participant by the staff of the broker. Link can be spread via e-mail, social networks, forums and blogs, and the broker is willing to pay Forex bonuses for customers who have registered with its help. Sum of Forex bonuses is appointed by the staff of the broker, and depends on the number of attracted clients, as well as the first deposit, which they credited to the account.


Numerous educational materials about trading on the international currency market are published on the official website of the FormulaFX, and webinars, conducted by professional teachers, are also available.

Learning materials about trading on the Forex market.

1. Briefly about the Forex market:

- what is trading on Forex

- what is ask and what is bid

- what is pip (point)

- what is leverage

- what is base currency

- what is lot

- what is margin

- what is rollover

- how to calculate rollover correctly

- what is CFD.

2. Video tutorials about Internet trading:

a) lessons for novice traders:

- trading on the global financial markets

- currency pairs and foreign exchange rates

- currency pairs trading as a way to earn

- risks in trading on the currency market and their minimization

- correct distribution of risks in trading

- calculation of possible profits

- psychology in Internet trading

- how to trade on the Forex market

- which tools should be used to trade currency pairs successfully.

b) for experienced traders:

- passive trading and its main rules

- aggressive trading and its main rules

- correct point calculation

- trends of the Forex market and how to determine them

- support and resistance levels

- technical analysis of the foreign exchange market

- fundamental analysis of the foreign exchange market

- patterns of technical analysis Harami and Shooting Star

- patterns of technical analysis Downside Gap Three Methods and Engulfing Plus

- patterns of technical analysis Three White Soldiers and Gap.

c) terminology:

- pips (points)

- take profit orders

- stop loss orders

- trading at short-term and long-term distances.

d) popular trading strategies:

- Forex Fractal Strategy

- ZigZag Strategy

- Bottom Fishing Strategy

- Fibo Trap Strategy.

e) trading platform Meta Trader 4:

- MT 4 interface platforms

- market order opening

- market order closing

- placing of pending orders.

Webinars online:

- real trading on the currency markets

- psychology of Internet trading

- gold and silver trading with the help of MT 4.

All clients of the FormulaFX have the right to open a demo account. Demo accounts allow novice traders to learn how to trade currency pairs on the Forex market without using their own funds. They give traders the opportunity to develop their own trading strategies or test created ones, as well as various technical indicators and Forex expert advisors.

Terms of trading

FormulaFX offers the following trading conditions for traders:

- the foreign currency account (the base currency)

- the minimum deposit is $100

- the leverage is from 1:100 to 1:300

- a lot of currency pairs, securities, gold, silver, futures

- fixed spread is from 2 points

- floating spread is from 0 points

- automated trading is available.

MetaTrader 4

- multi-language support

- order execution - Instant Execution

- great database of embedded Forex indicators

- addition of new technical indicators

- elaboration and installation of new Forex expert advisors MetaQuotes Language 4

- quotes export via DDE

- chart printing.

Web Trade FormulaFX

- platform for trading through the browser

- one click trading

- different chart types

- tools of technical analysis.

FormulaFX gives clients an opportunity to open a trading account, choosing from several options:

- Classic

- Premium

- ECN Account

- Asset Management

- Islamic.

Trading account Classic:

- the minimum deposit is $100

- fixed spreads are from 2 points

- the leverage is 1:300

- breaking news and overviews

- personal manager.

Trading account Premium:

- the minimum deposit is $10,000

- fixed spreads are from 1 point

- the leverage is 1:300

- free technical analysis through SMS-informing

- personal Forex trading coach.

Trading account ECN:

- the minimum deposit is $1,000

- floating spreads are from 0.5 points

- the leverage is 1:100

- commission fee is $7 per lot

- instant order execution.

Trading account Asset Management:

- management of several accounts

- fixed spreads are from 1 point

- the leverage is 1:300

- transparent trading

- risk minimization.

Trading account Islamic:

- the minimum deposit is $100

- fixed spreads are from 3 points

- the leverage is 1:300

- no commission fee

- no rollovers

- breaking news and overviews

- personal manager.

Forex indicators (recommended)

- Price Alert

- Schaff Trend

- Alligator

- Volumes

- Accelerator Oscillator.

Forex expert advisors (recommended)

MACD Pattern (an automated Forex expert advisor that operates using technical Forex indicator MACD, allowing traders to make profits on the foreign exchange market in most cases after a competent setup)

- Forex Wallstreet EA (an automated Forex expert advisor that is practically universal, as it is able to operate in different time frames, making profits on absolutely all currency pairs)

- Framework (a universal Forex expert advisor that has sufficient number of settings for profitable operations with all currency pairs, and it can trade profitably both in short and long time frames depending on the set parameters).


FormulaFX offers clients an opportunity to invest their own funds in trading on the foreign exchange market with the help of the specially elaborated PAMM-system.

PAMM system enables managers to open master accounts. Investment sub accounts can be connected to them. Manager trades all funds located on his master accounts and sub accounts.

Investors should be aware that when they are connected to the master account, they should not have open transactions on their trading accounts, which they transfer to the sub account. Investors are forbidden to conclude any transactions on the sub account. All actions of the manager are available for viewing.

Company FormulaFX also offers its customers to invest finances in the service of automated trading. Traders should contact employees of the company and they will explain how to connect it.

Unique features

An affiliate program that allows all traders to earn on the Forex market without using their own funds, thereby protecting them from the risk of loss, can be distinguished among the unique features of the FormulaFX.

The affiliate program includes two directions:

- Affiliate (for natural persons)

- White label (for legal persons and financial companies).

All traders of the FormulaFX can work in the direction Affiliate. Broker provides all the necessary advertising materials to attract new customers. Broker pays commissions from attracted clients, i.e. a percentage of trading volume, which they make on the Forex market.

White Label is intended for financial companies and legal persons, which are willing to start from scratch a business under their own brand in the field of brokerage services. Full support, all necessary marketing materials and software are provided by the broker after signing an affiliate agreement.

Add/withdraw funds

FormulaFX provides customers with the following methods to deposit and withdraw funds from accounts: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Neteller and bank transfers.


FormulaFX provides all customers with the comprehensive support using online chat, email [email protected] and by international phone +44 14 62354006.

Cons and pros

+ the famous British broker

+ the minimum deposit is $100

+ small spread

+ good leverage

+ Forex bonuses for clients

+ huge database of educational materials

- no contests for traders

- few ways to fund accounts.

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