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ForexInn has been operating in the field of financial services for many years. It entered the Russian market in 2010, providing traders with competitive trading conditions on the global financial markets. The Head Office of the broker is located in Hong Kong, a major financial center of the world.

Materials about Internet trading for basic training are present on the site of the ForexInn, which will help novice traders to choose the correct direction.

Broker enables customers to receive Forex bonuses for each replenishment of the trading account. It holds regular contests that allow the most successful traders to become owners of large cash prizes.


ForexInn offers its customers to participate in the bonus program, where they can receive valuable gifts and Forex bonuses. All customers of the company can also participate in a regular contest of traders, where large cash prizes are drawn, and in addition they can receive deposit bonuses.

Forex deposit bonus that equals 15% is available for all traders of the company. Customers who make a deposit obtain from the ForexInn a Forex bonus in the amount of 15% of the deposit. Bonus funds can be used for trading on the global financial markets, and after meeting the requirements of the broker, they can be withdrawn from the account. Requirements of the broker are very simple, traders need to close a trade turnover, calculated by the formula: bonus * 3/10. Forex bonus is accrued in the amount from $200 only on accounts of clients, and it is not accrued on PAMM-accounts.

Every customer of theForexInn can become a participant of the bonus program. Receiving bonus points, customers have the right to redeem them subsequently for prizes or cash Forex bonuses.

Points are accrued for various actions of clients:

- funding a trading account

- participations in seminars

- attraction of new customers

- trading on the Forex market. Broker accrues points for each performed action according to the approved scheme, where clients are always provided with the birthday gift of 25 points.

Redeem points for Forex bonuses and prizes:

- 100 points -$100 Forex bonus (not withdrawable)

- 200 points -$200 Forex bonus (not withdrawable)

- 500 points -$500 Forex bonus (not withdrawable)

- 1,000 points - camera Canon EOS 1100D Kit

- 1,600 points - tablet Aser ICONIA

- 2,000 points - iPhone 5S 32Gb

- 5,000 points - trip to a foreign resort for two persons.

The contest Cup of Traders is held regularly, and consists of three stages lasting one month each. The total prize pool comprises $7,000. Clients may trade using all available tools and open an unlimited number of orders during the competition. The contest is held using the cup system with the help of which winners of the stages and then main winners are determined.

Prize pool distribution of the contest:

- the1st place - Forex bonus is $2,500

-the 2nd place - Forex bonus is $1,500

- the 3rd place - Forex bonus is $1,000.

- the 4th place - Forex bonus is $500

- the 5th place - Forex bonus is $450

- the 6th place - Forex bonus is $350

- the 7th place - Forex bonus is $250

- the 8th place - Forex bonus is $200

- the 9th place - Forex bonus is $150

- the 10th place - Forex bonus is $100.


A large number of materials about Internet trading for novice traders are published on the site of the ForexInn, which will help to understand all the intricacies of trading on the global financial markets, primarily on the highly liquid foreign exchange market. A list of recommended books about the Forex market is available and seminars are conducted for more detailed study of speculative trading.

Traders can primarily get acquainted with brief information about the history of the Forex market. Then they can go to the "Basics of the Forex Market" and "Technical Analysis".

Basics of the Forex Market:

- introduction

- attractive features of the Forex Market

- basic concepts of the foreign exchange market (Forex quotes (direct and indirect), cross-rates)

- margin trading

- short and long positions

- pips (points) and how their costs are formed

- ask and bid, spreads

- what is swap

- how to calculate profit of trading on the foreign exchange market (examples).

Technical Analysis:

- introduction to technical analysis

- line charts

- Japanese candlesticks

- bar charts

- trends and levels

- lines and channels

- Fibonacci numbers

- how to plot Fibonacci levels correctly

- how to use Fibonacci levels effectively.

Graphical analysis:

- continuation patterns

- how to analyze continuation patterns correctly

- reversal patterns.

Novice traders will find in references books that are recommended to be studied by professionals in the field of finance.

Only full-time seminars are available. They are conducted in the office of the company, and anyone can sign up for them on the site of the broker.

All customers are provided with the opportunity to open a free demo account. On the demo account trading occurs with the use of real foreign exchange rates, but with virtual money that allows beginners to practice in speculative trading of currency pairs without any risk. Besides, the demo account is ideal for testing new Forex expert advisors and various trading systems.

Terms of trading

ForexInn offers the following trading conditions for traders:

- the foreign currency account (the base currency)

- the minimum deposit is $20

- the leverage is from 1:100 to 1:500

- a lot of currency pairs, securities, gold, silver, futures

- spread is floating from 1.5 points

- no slippages

- no requotes.

MetaTrader 4

- multi-language support

- order execution - Instant Execution

- one click trading

- instant order execution

- embedded database of Forex indicators

- addition of new technical indicators

- opportunity to install Forex expert advisors

- quotes export via DDE

- chart printing.

ForexInn offers its traders two types of trading accounts for trading on the Forex market:

- ForexInn Cent

- ForexInn Classic.

Trading account ForexInn Cent:

- the minimum deposit is $20

- the leverage is 1:1-1:500

- the maximum number of orders is 50

- the minimum lot size is 0.01

- the maximum lot size is 5

- stop out is 10%

- margin call is 50%

- swap is present.

Trading account ForexInn Classic:

- the minimum deposit is $200

- the leverage is 1:1-1:500

- the maximum number of orders is unlimited

- the minimum lot size is 0.01

- the maximum lot size is unlimited

- stop out is 20%

- margin call is 50%

- swap is present.

Forex indicators (recommended)

- Price Alert

- Oscilator2

- TzPivots

- TradeBreakOut

- Market Profile.

Forex expert advisors (recommended)

- Framework (a universal Forex expert advisor, which is based on several popular indicators, so it can be adjusted to any time frames while trading any currency pair)

- Spike Trader (an automated Forex expert advisor that analyzes the market by Japanese candlesticks, allowing it to detect trend starts and ends, make transactions, and receive good profits from them)

- Goodwine (an automated Forex expert advisor that operates effectively at the short-term distances on major currency pairs, as it uses the technical indicator WATR for analysis of the Forex market).


ForexInn offers its clients to invest funds in successful managers with the help of the trading accounts ForexInn Capital. ForexInn Capital is a PAMM-account that is used by managers, and investors use them for investment of money. Distribution of earned profits is made by the manager as follows: 70% goes to the investor, 30% goes to the trader who manages funds of the investors.

Rankings of the most profitable managers are regularly published on the site of the ForexInn. This allows potential investors to analyze quickly traders who take money in trust management. After selection of the manager, it is necessary to make an agreement with him and transfer finances for trading currency pairs and CFD, since the PAMM-accounts can only be used for these trading tools.

Unique features

ForexInn enables customers to use Forex trading calculator that helps traders to calculate the necessary leverage, minimum and maximum lot sizes for all currency pairs available for trading.

Those who wish to earn on the foreign exchange market without using their own funds, can join an affiliate program of the ForexInn. The affiliate program involves attraction of new customers in one of the selected direction.

Web Representative attracts new customers through the Internet, and then receives commission fees for their trading on the foreign exchange market from the broker. Commission fees start from $2 for one lot, closed by attracted clients.

Introducing Broker is a legal person, which opens in its region a Representative Office of the ForexInn, attracts new customers, providing them with the comprehensive support, and offers a full-time training, if necessary. Commissions range from 4 to 6 dollars for a closed lot.

Add/withdraw funds

ForexInn provides the following ways to deposit and withdraw funds from the trading accounts: RBK Money, QIWI, MasterCard, Visa and bank transfers.


ForexInn provides its customers with the comprehensive support using an online consultant, by e-mail [email protected] (technical questions), [email protected] (general questions), or users can call 8-800-50-50 -700 (free of charge for residents of Russia).

Cons and pros

+ the fast growing Russian broker

+ the minimum deposit is $20

+ small spread

+ good leverage

+ deposit Forex bonus

+ contests for traders

+ educational materials

- no interactive training of Internet trading

- few ways for making a deposit.

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