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FOREX.com started its operations in 2011. It has achieved significant results since that time, evidenced by numerous awards. Among many awards the following can be accentuated: "The Best Trading Platform of the Year - 2001", "The Best in the Online Space - 2001" (according to Forbes), "The fast-growing Company of the Year - 2002", "The Best Trading Platform for Retail Customers in 2006" (finalist), "The Private Company of the Year - 2006", "The Best Forex Broker (by version of Shares), "The Best Forex Broker in the United States - 2010","The Best Broker in the United States - 2011"and "The Best Arabic Forex Platform - 2012".

Currently FOREX.com has several branches in different countries: USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, providing the most favorable trading conditions on the global financial markets, including the foreign exchange market. New customers have the opportunity to study trading on the foreign exchange market for free and, if necessary, to pass a fee-based course, conducted by professional traders of the company. FOREX.com constantly holds for regular customers a variety of promotions with good Forex bonuses, which can be up to $5,000 at most.


FOREX.com holds constantly a variety of promotions for its clients, which are regularly updated. Currently, there are three Forex promotions:

- Refer a Friend

- Deposit Forex Bonus

- VIP-program.

The promotion Refer a Friend is available for all traders of the broker and it consists in attracting new customers to FOREX.com. Forex broker pays bonuses to its traders for every invites client, if all of its requirements are carried out.

Forex bonus payouts:

- deposit replenishment is $1,000-$1,999 - bonus for him who invites is $50 -bonus for the new customer is $50

- deposit replenishment - $2,000-$4,999 - bonus for him who invites is $100 -bonus for the new customer is $100

- deposit replenishment - $5,000-$9,999 - bonus for him who invites is $150 -bonus for the new customer is $150

- deposit replenishment - $10,000 and higher - bonus for him who invites is $200 - bonus for the new customer is $200.

These Forex bonuses are paid out to new customers after they register on the recommendation of the trader of FOREX.com, open a trading account and fund it and then begin to trade on the foreign exchange market and make a trade turnover of 5 standard lots. Traders will get a bonus in case if an invited visiting will fulfill all the above-mentioned requirements and then make themselves a trade turnover of 5 lots. According to the promotions Refer a Friend not more than 5 Forex bonuses can be received during the year, i.e. for five new customers.

The promotion Forex Deposit Bonus is organized for new customers of FOREX.com and it applies to the initial deposit from one thousand to one hundred thousand dollars.

Forex bonus size for initial deposit:

- $1,000 - $24,999 - bonus is 5%

- $25,000 - $49,999 - bonus is 8%

- $50,000 - $100,000 - bonus is 10%.

New customers need to open a trading account to get the first deposit Forex bonus and then credit money to it with one of the methods, offered by the broker. As soon as the money appears in the customer's account, he should start to trade on the foreign exchange market and other financial markets, increasing his trade turnover. But it is impossible to trade CFD (Contracts for Difference) and currency pair USD/HKD according to the rules of the promotion. On the basis of the trade turnover, made by a new client within 180 days, the broker will pay bonus money to the customer. The amount of deposited cash is divided by 10 and it equals the number of lots, required to get the bonus. For example, the trading account is credited with $1000, then, when divided by 10 it equals 100 standard lots, which should be closed within the allotted by the broker time. The bonus amount in this case is 5%, i.e. $50.

The VIP-program is available for customers, who fund their personal accounts in the amount of $25,000. The broker provides them with exclusive trading conditions on the foreign exchange and other markets:

- the tightest spreads

- no commissions for bank transfers

- personal consultant

- interest that it credited monthly to the deposit.


FOREX.com offers all users a large number of learning materials, which are published on its website. There are free online guides, recorded seminars, video tutorials among learning materials and users can order also a fee-based training course that consists of seven lessons.

Online guides about the Forex market and trading precious metals and CFD.

Basics of the Forex market:

- what is the foreign exchange market

- how to trade currency pairs

- how to calculate gains and losses

- what is leverage

- what is margin.

Basics of metals trading:

- how to trade metals

- spot metal quotes

- how to use leverage

- what is margin

- calculation of gains and losses.

Basics of CFD-trading:

- what is CFD

- how to understand CFD quotes

- termination of CFD contract.

Basics of crude oil trading:

- how to trade crude oil

- crude oil quotes

- basic drivers of the crude oil market

- margin and leverage

- contract termination.

Technical analysis:

- what are technical indicators

- what technical indicators exist

- how to use Forex indicators

- how to use the Ichimoku cloud.

Fundamental analysis:

- basics of analysis

- currency pairs

- economic indicators

- what affects the exchange rate of currency pairs.

Video tutorials about the Forex market and trading on it:

- overview of trading platforms for currency pairs trading

- setup of trading platforms

- transactions on the foreign exchange market

- trading orders

- trading charts

- reporting.

Forex seminars:

- basics of technical analysis on record (types of trading charts, Forex indicators, reversal patterns, consolidation model)

- support and resistance on record (how support and resistance levels are formed, significance of levels in currency pair trading, risk management)

- determination of Forex trading strategies live (key factors of quotes movements, state of the currency pairs, technical key levels, risk management).

Fee-based course about the Forex market - cost - $99:

- understanding of currency quotes

- reading of currency charts

- recognition of foreign exchange trends

- how to use leverage with the greatest efficiency

- pending orders

- understanding of the world's news that affect the cost of the currency pairs

- money management technologies.

All clients of FOREX.com can open demo accounts, which provide the possibility to trade on the Forex market with virtual money in real time without risking own money. In addition, demo account allows users to test new trading strategies and Forex advisors, which have lately become quite popular among traders worldwide.

Terms of trading

FOREX.com offers the following trading conditions for traders:

- the foreign currency account (the base currency)

-no minimum deposit

- the leverage is 1:500 (the decrease to 1:200 is possible on several accounts)

- a lot of currency pairs, securities, gold, silver, futures

- spread is fixed from 1.3 points (the floating one is from 0.4 points)

MetaTrader 4

- multi-language support

- Instant Execution order

- a wide range of Forex indicators

- free hosting of Forex advisors

- creation of Forex advisors in MetaQuotes Language 4

- position hedging

- embedded analytics

- connection of Autochartist (automated trading on the foreign exchange market)

- quotes export via DDE

- charts printing


- multi-language support

- opportunity to trade without downloading the client program

- many settings

- database of Forex indicators

- tight spread

- connection of Forex advisors

- embedded analytics

- charts printing.


- interface for English-speaking users

- Over 200 currency pairs, 25 indices, energy, metals, raw materials

- the leverage is 1:400

- fixed tight spreads

- no slippage

- one click trading

- guaranteed stop-loss

- unlimited limits.

Forex indicators (recommended)

- Index of depletion of the market

- Better Volume

- Schaff Trend

- Triggerlines

- I-sessions.

Forex expert advisors (recommended)

- Hugo (an automatic Forex advisor that is based on indicators Trend is your friend and Moving Average, which allow it to carry out good analysis on trend currency pairs to make a profit on them in the future)

- XMT-Scalper (an automatic Forex advisor that is based on EA MillionDollarPips advisor and is designed for scalping on the currency market)

- FlatMaster (an automatic Forex advisor cthat operates on mathematical calculations in the flat on the inactive currency pairs and it also shows good results in flat scalping).


It is necessary to contact the FOREX.com employees for investment of funds in trust management, who tell you how to do it, because now the possibility to invest in PAMM-accounts of the broker is not provided.

Unique features

FOREX.com offers its customers to take advantage of free unique program ForexCharts from eSignal, which makes it possible to receive more than 30 researches of professional analysts and graphical researches.

Analytic investigations:

- donchian Channels

- choppiness


- Bollinger bands

- Keltner channels

- average true range

- moving average price

- moving average convergence divergence (MACD)

- parabolic

- stochastic

- stochastic RSI

- Williams%R



- money flow index

- oscillator

- volume.

Graphical investigations:

- trendlines

- Fibonacci time

- Fibonacci retracement levels

- Fibonacci circle

- aim of Fibonacci trand

- Andrew's pitchfork

- regression trendlines

- trendlines.

Add/withdraw funds

FOREX.com offers the following methods to deposit and withdraw funds: VISA, MasterCard, Sofortbanking and bank transfers.


FOREX.com provides the comprehensive support via online chat, e-mail address [email protected], as well as by international phone +44 (0) 207 429 7940 and free numbers 08081788593 (UK), (8-10-800 -2) 308-10-12 (only from landline phones for Russia).

Cons and pros

+ the popular global Forex broker

+ small spread

+ goo leverage

+ many contests and promotions

+ online training

- the minimum deposit is $1,000

- many ways to deposit and withdraw funds.

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