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Cristal Business Ltd. was organized by a group of professional financiers in 2006. At the initial stage of the development the company provided brokerage services to corporate clients and financial institutions that were willing to invest money on the foreign exchange Forex market. But after a while Cristal Business Ltd. revised its policy and opened a new direction for individuals who wished to work on the Forex market. In this regard, free training for beginners was created on the site of the broker, as well as many promotions and contests were organized that allowed customers to win very attractive prizes that are available nowadays. Cristal Business Ltd. constantly provides Forex bonuses for replenishment of accounts, which enables customers to make large trading turnovers on the foreign exchange market.

Precisely a large number of promotions and contests, numerous Forex bonuses, and, of course, favorable trading conditions on the foreign exchange market has made Cristal Business Ltd. popular among Forex traders.

In addition, the broker allows all traders, showing a stable profitable trade, to join a new investment direction Proprietary trading, where Cristal Business Ltd. can give considerable sums of money for management, and this increases significantly their income from the operations on the Forex market.


Cristal Business Ltd. organizes for its customers a variety of promotions that will allow winning very good cash prizes, as well as it offers various Forex bonuses for funding accounts of traders.

Forex deposit bonus of 100% is available for new customers of the broker. It is necessary to sign up as a customer on the Cristal Business Ltd to receive this bonus, then to open a new trading account and credit it in one of the available ways. The customer has to send an e-mail request for receiving the first deposit Forex bonus after replenishment of the account, and as soon as specialists of the broker consider the request, they will accrue bonus money to his account. Forex deposit bonus can only be used to trade currency pairs on Forex and it is not available for withdrawal. Its maximum amount does not exceed $600.

Forex bonus of 20% on deposit applies to new customers of the broker and the conditions for its getting are identical to conditions the 100% deposit bonus. The only difference is that customers of Cristal Business Ltd. receive Forex bonus not on one occasion only, but by parts in case of funding the trading account and the maximum sum remains unchanged, it is $600.

The promotion Bonus account is held by the broker in order to increase the capital of its customers. Every customer has the right to open the bonus account on which interest is calculated. According to the rules of the promotion, the bonus account is designed for one year, during which customers can not withdraw invested money from it, but the bonus interest, accrued monthly, is available for the withdrawal.

Calculation of bonus interest rates on accounts:

- the sum of the accounts is from 300 to 1000 dollars - 1.5% monthly - 18% annually

- the sum of the accounts is from 1001 to 3000 dollars - 2.5% monthly - 30% annually

- the sum of the accounts is from 3001 to 5000 dollars - 3.5% monthly - 42% annually

- the sum of the accounts is from 5001 to 10000 dollars - 4.0% monthly - 48% annually

- the sum of the accounts is from 10001 to 100000 dollars - 5.0% monthly - 60% annually.

The contest Real Money allows Forex traders to win attractive cash prizes, showing profitable trade on the foreign exchange Forex market. The contest is held in two types of deposits on accounts and winners are traders, who have gained the highest profit on the trading account within three weeks.

Distribution of prizes on accounts with deposit from $20 to $100:

- the 1st place - 600 dollars

- the 2nd place - 200 dollars

- the 3rd place - 100 dollars

- the 4th and the 5th places - 50 dollars.

Distribution of prizes on accounts with deposit from $500 to $5000:

- the 1st place - 3000 dollars

- the 2nd place - 1000 dollars

- the 3rd place - 500 dollars

- the 4th and the 5th places - 250 dollars.

In addition to promotions and contests for Forex traders Cristal Business Ltd. holds contests for its partners, which attract new customers to the site of the broker. Currently two contests are held:

- for partners with a customer base of 100 people - the prize for the first place is Toshiba laptop

- for partners with a customer base of 100 people - the prize for the first place is the crossover Nissan Juke.

Awards for the first place are only mentioned, but the broker guarantees that all active participants will receive good prizes and gifts.


Cristal Business Ltd. offers all users to pass the course for new Forex traders free of charge and to familiarize with useful articles about the Forex market.

The course of new Forex traders:

Lesson #1. What is the foreign exchange market Forex.

Lesson #2. The main advantages of the Forex market.

Lesson #3. Currency quotes.

Lesson #4. Game or work.

Lesson #5. The beginning of the trading on the foreign exchange market.

Lesson #6. Rules of trading on the foreign exchange market.

Lesson #7. The profitable trading on Forex.

Lesson #8. Basics of technical analysis.

Lesson #9. Basics of fundamental analysis.

Lesson #10. The correct capital management.

Lesson #11. Psychology of Forex trading.

Lesson #12. Trading systems and their correct use.

The broker also allows users to find out and learn how to trade on the platform CB UTIP 2.3. All lessons are recorded on video, which makes learning much easier and more efficient.

Terms of trading

Broker Cristal Business Ltd. offers the following trading conditions for traders:

- the foreign currency account (the base currency)

- no minimum deposit

- the leverage is 1:500 (the decrease to 1:200 is possible on several accounts)

- a lot of currency pairs, securities, gold, silver, futures)

- spread is fixed from 2 points (the floating one is from 0.4 points).

Trading platform CB UTIP 2.3

- multi-language support

- graphical visualization

- immediate execution of orders

- a wide range of trading instruments (Forex indicators, oscillators, bars)

- complete technical analysis

- construction of the own trading systems on the basis of Forex advisors

- quotes export via DDE

- charts printing.

Forex indicators (recommended)

- Complex Common

- 3 Line Break

- Instant Trend Line

- Oscilator2

- Silver trend Signal.

Forex expert advisors (recommended)

- Forex EA Better (an automatic Forex advisor that operates using a neural network, which makes it capable of self-learning, based on previous transactions in the foreign exchange market, and this in turn makes it possible to build the determined trading system and make a good profit)

- Golden proffit AUTO (an automatic Forex advisor, which is based on the method of Martingale, and it is able to show a good profit while currency pairs trading in case of a competent setup)

- Gepard 5.0 (an automatic Forex advisor that has a lot of settings, allowing customers to use it for trading on the Forex market both at long-term and short-term distances).


Every customer of Cristal Business Ltd. can contact the specialists on the issue of finance investment, and they will offer several options for cooperation after learning his needs. The customer will be able to choose the suitable option for him and to conclude a cooperation agreement in the future.

Unique features

Cristal Business Ltd. offers a unique direction Proprietary trading for successful Forex traders, who make profit on the Forex market continuously. Proprietary trading is a type of investment, aimed primarily at increasing the profits of traders. The broker hires successful traders for operation on Forex in this direction, who will receive investment accounts for the management. Operating with a financial broker, the Forex trader earns a profit on the foreign exchange market, which is basically divided in half, i.e. 50% takes the broker as an investor and 50% is given to the trader for the competent management of investment funds.

Cristal Business Ltd. enables its customers to earn good money by its affiliate program. No investment is required for operation by it and there is no such risk of losing money as on the Forex market.

Broker offers introducing partners the following conditions:

- startup capital is not necessary

- free advertising materials

- comprehensive marketing support

- training programs for traders

- high commissions and impressive Forex bonuses

- quick help concerning all questions that may arise.

Broker has developed a unique business model, in which everyone can open his own online platform under the brand Cristal Business Ltd., i.e. he will be given a franchise that does not require much investment. Employees of the company provide a startup website, all advertising materials and the concept of making business in the field of brokerage services, and partner only needs to develop actively this profitable and beneficial direction.

Add/withdraw funds

Cristal Business Ltd. offers the following methods of deposit and withdrawal of funds: VISA, MasterCard, Money Mail, Money mail.ru, QIWI, Yandex Money, WebMoney, LiqPay, Elecsnet, QIWI, Euronetwork, Novoplat and bank transfers.


Cristal Business Ltd. provides the comprehensive support to its customers. Any questions about sign-up can be asked by e-mail [email protected], about general issues by [email protected], about technical issues by [email protected], about financial matters by [email protected] or via Skype Cristal1257. Customers can also contact directly specialists from the broker via online chat or by phone number 8-800-333-38-25 (calls in Russia are free).

Cons and pros

+ the fast-growing broker

+ no minimum deposit

+ small spread

+ good leverage

+ many promotions and contests

+ online training.

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