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Company CMS Forex was founded in 1999 by a group of professional traders and software developers, and its main purpose was the development of innovative software for trading on the global financial markets.

In 2010 the company decided to expand its range of services and become an introducing broker of Gain Capital, which allows it to start providing traders from around the world with quality brokerage services.

CMS Forex is headquartered in New York, and its international representative offices can be found in the British Virgin Islands, Russia and in London, the United Kingdom.

Company provides traders with two platforms for trading on the financial markets: Meta Trader 4 and VT Trader, which are developed by the company itself.

Novice traders can pass the free course about currency trading, or study numerous materials relating to this topic.


Nowadays the company CMS Forex does not hold on its official site promotions and contests for traders, which allow them to win or receive free Forex bonuses from the broker. Forex deposit bonuses are also absent.


A sufficient number of materials about Internet trading are available for novice traders on the official site of CMS Forex. They may be also interesting to experienced traders.

Educational materials about Internet trading on the foreign exchange market:

1. What is the Forex market?

- the highest liquid market

- location of the foreign exchange market

- trading hours of the Forex market

- participants of the international market

- currency pair trading on the market.

2. How to trade on the foreign exchange market:

- types of market analysis for successful trading

- how to buy and sell on the Forex market

- types of trading on the foreign exchange market

- trading 24 hours a day.

3. Technical analysis:

- what is technical analysis

- main tools of trading analysis

- trendlines

- support lines

-support and resistance levels

- Forex technical indicators

- indicator Stochastic (description and rules for use)

- Relative Strength Index (functions, and how to use it)

- Bollinger Bands (operations with them)

- indicator Chaikin Money Flow (how to use it correctly for currency pair trading)

- On Balance Volume (description and rules for use)

- indicator MACD (how to use it correctly)

- moving averages (types of moving averages, and how to use them correctly for analysis of the foreign exchange market).

4. Fundamental analysis:

- what is fundamental analysis

- Central Banks and their influence on foreign exchange rates

- main financial news

- basic factors that influence rise and fall of foreign exchange rates

- disasters, acts of terrorism and other force majeure circumstances.

5. Comparison of the stock exchange market and the foreign exchange market (advantages and disadvantages):

- liquidity

- intermediaries

- margin trading

- commissions

- trading hours of the financial markets

- number of tools offered by the markets

- analysis of markets and trends.

6. Trading platform VT Trader:

- description of the platform

- interface of the platform

- currency quotes

- trading charts

- Forex technical indicators

- technical analysis

- automated trading

- hedging of transactions.

Course about the currency trading on Forex:

1. Introduction to Internet trading:

- history of the foreign exchange market

- overview of the Forex market.

2. Currency market:

- trading hours of the market

- trading hours of financial centers

- major currency pairs on Forex.

3. Main rules for trading:

- use of technical analysis

- competent fundamental analysis.

4. How to trade on the foreign exchange market:

- foreign exchange purchase and sale

- short and long positions

- how to read diagrams correctly

- what are pips

- what are ask and bid.

5. Margin trading:

- what is leverage

- what are points

- contract sizes

- what is margin call

- examples of currency pair trading.

6. Risk management:

- how to limit losses in trading on the foreign exchange market

- major orders that limit losses

- examples of limitation on losses for transactions.

7. Candlestick analysis:

- Japanese candlesticks

- candlesticks

- correct interpretation of candlesticks

- examples of candlestick analysis.

8. Foreign exchange rates:

- how to calculate foreign exchange rates

- Currency Converter and its correct use.

9. Supply and demand:

- supply curve

- demand curve

- equilibrium price

- changes of supply and demand.

10. Which factors have the highest influence on supply and demand:

- Central Banks

- investors and speculators

- import and export.

11. Central Banks:

- banks of foreign countries

- interest rates

- inflation

- rising dollar.

12. Fundamental analysis:

- fundamental indices

- political crisis

- fundamental indicators.

13. Technical analysis:

- diagrams

- trends

- charts

- tendencies

- channels

- support and resistance

- patterns of technical analysis

- reversal patterns.

14. Capital management.

If necessary, traders may open demo accounts, where they can refine their skills in trading on the foreign exchange market, using real quotes and virtual money.

Terms of trading

CMS Forex offers the following trading conditions for traders:

- the foreign currency account (the base currency)

- the minimum deposit is $25

- the leverage is from 1:1 to 1:400

- a lot of currency pairs, gold, silver

- fixed spreads are from 1 point

- floating spreads are from 0.9 points

- market swap

- hedging is available.

MetaTrader 4

- multi-language support

- order execution - Instant Execution

- huge database of embedded Forex indicators

- addition of new technical indicators

- creation and installation of Forex expert advisors on MetaQuotes Language 4

- export and import of currency quotes

- chart printing.

VT Trader 2.0

- English-speaking support

- convenient interface

- trading from charts

- one click trading

- over 110 embedded technical indicators

- creation of traders' own technical indicators on the basis of the indicator Builder

- all types of orders

- automated trading with the help of Forex expert advisors.

CMS Forex offers traders to open a trading account by completing a special form, where a client will need to fill in personal information, pass the verification of contact information, tell about himself and his experience on the foreign exchange market, and send this form to employees of the company. After consideration of the application, employees of CMS Forex will offer a new client to open a trading account, based on his knowledge and skills. But if the trader wants, he can change trading conditions offered by the staff.

Forex indicators (recommended)

- Detrended Price Oscillator

- Trendwave Indicator

- Standard Deviation

- Steinitz Fractal Breakout

- Goiler.

Forex expert advisors (recommended)

- BasketFX (an automated Forex expert advisor whose main aim is to make a profit in trading on the foreign exchange in spite of emerging or fast moving trends, as they are not important for it, because it uses mathematical analysis, allowing it to trade successfully)

- XMT-Scalper (a highly efficient Forex expert advisor, elaborated on the basis of the popular expert MillionDollarPips, and it really shows good results in trading on the foreign exchange market)

- Framework (an automated Forex expert advisor that can be called universal due to its numerous settings, giving traders an opportunity to set it up for any time frame for trading various currency pairs).


Company CMS Forex offers customers a safe investment with the help of multiple accounts. Professional traders have an opportunity to attach accounts of investors to their basic accounts with the help of multiple accounts, and manage them while trading on the foreign exchange market. Multiple accounts make investments safe both for the investor and the manager, but can not guarantee that the high profits will be received in trust management. Profit obtained by the manager in the past does not guarantee investors that it will be received in the future, as foreign exchange trading is associated with a high risk.

Unique features

Tools that allow traders to simplify trading on the international foreign exchange market can be mentioned among unique opportunities of CMS Forex:

- Currency Converter

- Pip Calculator

- Pivot Point Calculator.

Add/withdraw funds

CMS Forex Company offers its customers to fund trading accounts with the help of cards Visa, Maestro, MasterCard and bank transfers. Withdrawal of funds is carried out by the same methods.


CMS Forex Company provides its traders with support concerning all questions via online chat, email [email protected] and by phones +44 (0) 20 7429 7900 (international) 0800 032 1948 (free of charge).

Cons and pros

+ the world famous broker

+ the minimum deposit is $25

+ small spread

+ good leverage

+ many learning materials

+ online course on Internet trading

- no Forex bonuses

- no contests for traders

- few ways to fund a trading account.

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