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Business Group Broco or BROKERAGE COMPANY LIMITED S.A. is one of the largest companies in Russia, which has been operating in the field of Internet trading for many years. The company was founded by the Winner Forex Company in 2000, which started to provide brokerage services to traders and was repeatedly reorganized, which led finally to the appearance of the Business Group Broco in 2008. It has combined all directions of brokerage services: trading of currency pairs, futures, CFD etc.

The Head Office of the Broco is located in St. Petersburg and the company is registered in Panama, where it obtained all the necessary licenses for the provision of brokerage services.

Broker provides traders with the best trading conditions on the global financial markets, giving an opportunity to take part in a large number of promotions, where cash prizes are drawn and free Forex bonuses are given.


Business Group Broco regularly holds various promotions, where customers can win cash prizes and get free Forex bonuses.

After funding a deposit, the bonus will be immediately available for trading on the foreign exchange market, but in any case it can not be withdrawn from the account. Bonus funds are available for a period of two months and they allow traders to increase a trade turnover, which has a positive effect on revenue in case of the competent currency pairs trading.

Broker often encourages its customers with a small bonus, which consists in payment of all commission fees of payment systems for transfers to the trading account. Broker pays commission fees of payment systems for the transfer if the trader writes a letter to employees of the company and informs them about the way of the account replenishment, and then the broker will pay for the interest.

All clients of the Broco can become participants of the VIP-program, allowing them to trade on more favorable conditions. VIP-clients are traders who have on personal accounts the amount that exceeds $30,000.

Benefits of VIP-program for trading on the currency market:

- 100 closed standard lots - 5% spread decrease

- 200 closed standard lots - 10% spread decrease

- 300 closed standard lots - 20% spread decrease.

Benefits while futures trading:

- 100 lots - 2% spread decrease

- 200 lots - 4% spread decrease

- 300 lots - 6% spread decrease

- 400 lots - 8% spread decrease

- 500 lots - 10% spread decrease.

The contest Russian Roulette is held by the broker regularly on demo accounts on Wednesdays. Duration of the contest is 24 hours and during this time the participants should get the maximum profit.

The following conditions are provided according to the rules of the contest:

- futures trading

- startup capital is $1000

- the leverage is 1:200

- stop out is 0%

- number of open positions is unlimited

- the use of expert advisors is prohibited.

At the end of the contest the results are summarized and ten participants, who show the greatest profit, are awarded with cash prizes according to the prize places:

- the 1st place - Forex bonus is $1,000

- the 2nd place - Forex bonus is $500

- the 3rd place - Forex bonus is $300.

- the 4th-10th places - Forex bonus is $100.

Forex bonuses, received by traders in the contest, are available for trading on the foreign exchange and other financial markets, and they can not be withdrawn from the account. Revenue that is earned while trading currency pairs or futures with bonus funds may be withdrawn from the account at any time.

The contest Double Futures is held on demo accounts on Tuesdays and its duration is 2 hours. Participants of the contest should trade two futures contracts. One of them should be traded in the first hour of trading and the second one in the final hour, respectively.

Participants of the contest are provided with:

- startup capital is $500

- stop out is 70%

- unlimited number of open positions

- trading in manual mode (automated trading is prohibited).

Winners of the contest are traders who have received the highest profit during the competition.

Distribution of the contest prize pool:

- the 1st place - Forex bonus is $300

- the 2nd place - Forex bonus is $200

- the 3rd place - Forex bonus is $100.

- the 4th-5th places - Forex bonus is $50.

Prize-winners of the contest may dispose of Forex bonuses at their own discretion, i.e. use them for future trading on the global financial markets, particularly on the Forex market or withdraw them from the account without any restrictions.


Currently there are no learning materials on the site of the Broco about trading on the foreign exchange and other global financial markets. The only option for beginners is to visit the forum, where they can find answers to some questions, and if necessary, ask questions.

The broker also gives customers the opportunity to open a free demo account that allows them to improve the skills of Forex trading without any risk, as trading is conducted with virtual money in real time.

Terms of trading

Broco offers the following trading conditions for traders:

- the foreign currency account (the base currency)

- the minimum deposit is $25

- the leverage is from 1:1 to 1:500

- the minimum lot size is 0.01 (Forex and CFD), 0.1 (futures)

- a lot of currency pairs, securities, gold, silver, futures

- spread is fixed from 2 points (the floating one is from 0.9 points)

Broco Trader (analogue of MetaTrader 4)

- multi-language support

- order execution - Market Execution

- a wide range of Forex indicators

- addition of new technical Forex indicators

- operations with Forex expert advisor through MQL4 (MetaQuotes Language 4)

- import and export of currency quotes

- chart printing.

MetaTrader 5

- multi-language support

- execution of trading operations - Instant Execution, Market Execution, Exchange, Request

- chart types - Japanese candlesticks, bar and linear

- thirty eight technical Forex indicators

- thirty nine chart objects

- Custom Indicators - 17 styles

- pending orders - Sell Stop Limit, Buy Stop Limit, Sell Stop, Sell Limit, Buy Stop, Buy Limit

- market depth

- elaboration of Forex indicators, advisors in MQL5.


- platform for automated trading on the Forex market.

Currenex Classic

- ECN-system

- multi-language support

- twenty eight currency pairs

- tight spreads

- no requotes

- one click trading

- NDD Technology(Non Dealing Desk)

- extended number of trading orders.

Business Group Broco allows customers to open an account in accordance with their preferences.

Trading account Mini:

- the minimum deposit is $25

- the maximum deposit is unlimited

- the leverage is 1:500 (fixed)

- spread is fixed from 1 point

- no commission fee

- the maximum amount of open positions is 100

- margin call/stop out - 40%/30%

- scalping is available.

- the use of Forex expert advisors is available.

Trading account Classic:

- the minimum deposit is $500

- the maximum deposit is unlimited

- the leverage is from 1:1 to 1:200

- spread is floating from 0.9 points

- commission fee is from $3

- the maximum amount of open positions is unlimited

- margin call/stop out - 80%/70%

- scalping is available

- the use of Forex expert advisors is available.

Forex indicators (recommended)

- Trade Assistant

- Range Expansion Index

- Var Mov Avg

- Schaff Trend Cycle

- ZigZagOnParabolic.

Forex expert advisors (recommended)

- Ichimoku Chinkou Cross (an automated Forex expert advisor, which basis is a popular technical indicator Ichimoku, that uses different parameters for the analysis of the foreign exchange market, allowing traders to make a profit in most cases of trading on Forex)

- Adjustable MA 3G (an automated Forex advisor that analyzes the market with the help of several moving averages, giving it the opportunity to find optimal entry and exit points)

- Otkat (an automated Forex advisor that determines internal corridors on the foreign exchange market, making a profit by opening and closing positions on their minimum and maximum points).


Clients of the Business Group Broco can invest money in managed accounts Percentage Allocation Management Module, where professional managers trade. Investors are free to choose one of the managers to whom they are willing to transfer funds in trust management. Broco mediates between them providing PAMM-accounts and does not bear any responsibility for any potential losses of investors.

There are restrictions fro managers concerning the investment size, depending on the sum present on the trading account:

- deposit - $1,000-$2,000 - investment up to $10,000

- deposit - $2,000-$3,000 - investment up to $15,000

- deposit - $3,000-$4,000 - investment up to $20,000

- deposit - $4,000-$5,000 - investment up to $30,000.

Unique features

Broco provides an opportunity to make a profit from the global financial markets without any risk by becoming a participant of an affiliate program.

The affiliate grogram has three forms:

- Introducing Broker (attraction of clients among acquaintances through the Internet)

- Regional Representative (opening a Representative Office in the region)

- White Label (independent business in the field of brokerage services)

- Franchising (expansion of branch network of the broker in Russia and abroad).

A good commission fee is paid out in all direction, and can earn more than $5,000 monthly according to the assurances of the broker partners.

Add/withdraw funds

Broco allows customers to credit trading account using VISA, MasterCard and bank transfer. The same methods are available for withdrawal of funds.


Broco Group provides 24 hours a day support to all customers by e-mail [email protected], via Skype broco_office, via online chat and feedback form, located on the site of the broker, as well as by phone 8-800-333-38-83. Phone dealing is carried out by number + 44-203-355-97-72.

Cons and pros

+ the famous Russian broker

+ the minimum deposit is $25

+ small spread

+ good leverage

+ regular promotions with Forex bonuses

- no online training

- small number of ways for funding a trading account.

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