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Brokerage company Anchor Markets was founded recently, but it was able to win the trust of traders focusing on European standards and provision of services to clients according to them.

The Head Office of the company is located in Germany, and the Russian Representative Office is situated in Moscow.

Brokerage company Anchor Markets enables all beginners in internet trading to pass free training, as a sufficient number of educational materials are published on its official website. And in addition, traders may open demo accounts free of charge.

Company also encourages its traders with numerous promotions, where they can win great iPad mini, iPad Air, iPhone 5s. New customers receive the first deposit bonuses, and regular customers can get bonuses for the repeated replenishment of the account. Customers of Premium accounts also have an opportunity to receive an interest on idle funds monthly.


Brokerage company Anchor Markets holds for its customers many promotions, where cash prizes, valuable gifts are drawn, and Forex bonuses are granted.

The first deposit bonus of 10% is given to all new customers. It is necessary to open a real trading account choosing from several available accounts in order to obtain it, and the bonus will be accrued to the customer's account within a day. The first deposit bonus allows clients to trade with higher lot, as it is available without restrictions for work on the foreign exchange market since its accrual. If traders have enough patience, it can be withdrawn from the account making a certain trading volume on the foreign exchange market, which is indicated by employees of Anchor Markets.

Bonus for the repeated deposit Tsunami is available for all customers of the company Anchor Markets. Conditions of its receiving are simple. It is necessary to deposit funds into a trading account in one of the available ways, and a bonus is accrued depending on the sum.

Accrual of the bonus depending on the credited sum:

- deposit is over 3,000 dollars - bonus is 3%

- deposit is over 5,000 dollars - bonus is 5%

- deposit is over 10,000 dollars - bonus is 7%.

The promotion Tailwind is designed for customers who credit $10,000 as a lump sum while opening an account. In this case, an interest that ranges from 1% to 3% will be credited on all funds available on the account. Recalculation of interest and its payment on the client's trading account are made quarterly.

The promotion Captain Gadget is designed for customers who fund their accounts in the amount of $3,000. Such clients will automatically become participants of the draw of iPad mini, iPad Air and iPhone 5s. Selection of winners is done randomly.


Many materials, which allow novice traders to study the foreign exchange market, its analysis and trading on it, are available on the site of Anchor Markets.

Learning materials about trading on the foreign exchange market:

1. Basics of trading:

- terms of the currency market

- trading orders.

2. Studying on the foreign exchange market:

- history of the foreign exchange market

- foreign exchange rates on the market

- participants of the market

- interbank market

- examples of trading on the foreign exchange market.

3. Materials about technical analysis:

- what is technical analysis

- trading charts

- Forex technical indicators

- what are support and resistance levels

- Elliott Theory and its use in practice

- mathematical indicators

- Fibonacci Theory and its use in practice

- how to identify patterns of trend continuation.

4. Materials about fundamental analysis:

- what is fundamental analysis

- macroeconomic indices

- macroeconomic indicators.

Learning materials about CFD trading.

1. CFD terms:

- what is CFD?

2. How to work with CFD correctly:

- what is margin

- pricing on CFD

- how to transfer positions

- how much time a document is valid

- rate for the transfer of a short position

- rate for the transfer of a long position

- examples of trading crude oil, coffee beans and wheat.

In addition to the theory, novice traders can try to trade in practice, using demo accounts. Demo accounts are used for trading on real foreign exchange rates, but with virtual dollars, allowing beginners to master perfectly Internet trading without risking their own finances.

Terms of trading

Anchor Markets offers the following trading conditions for traders:

- the foreign currency account (the base currency)

- the minimum deposit is $10

- the leverage is 1:100 (standard, but it can be changed requesting the support service)

- fixed spread is from 3 points

- hedging is available

- market swap

- scalping is available.

UTIP Trader

- multi-language support

- order execution - Instant Execution

- wide range of tools for technical analysis

- the maximum number of stop orders is 2

- the maximum number of pending orders is 4

- the maximum number of market orders is 2

- trade patterns - automated determination of the most lucrative actions on different conditions for traders.

Company Anchor Markets offers its clients several types of trading accounts:

- Start

- Classic

- Premium

- VIP.

Trading account Start:

- the minimum deposit is $10

- fixed spread are from 3 points

- trading using micro volumes is available

Trading account Classic:

- the minimum deposit is $1,000

- the leverage is at the discretion of the trader

- personal manager is available.

Trading account Premium:

- the minimum deposit is $3,000

- the leverage is at the discretion of the trader

- improved swap

- draw of gadgets is available

- inflation protection.

Trading account VIP:

- the minimum deposit is $10,000

- inflation protection

- draw of gadgets is available

- individual leverage

- improved swap

- analytic materials are available.

Forex indicators (recommended)

- Pattern Recognition

- Belomor Trend Factor

- Accelerator LSMA

- Instant Trend Line

- Divergence Trader Ron.

Forex expert advisors (recommended)

- MACD Pattern (an automated Forex indicator, based on the technical indicator MACD, giving it an opportunity to perform quality and comprehensive analysis of the foreign exchange market, and make decisions relating to market entry and exit)

- Rabbit (a universal Forex indicator that allows traders to set it up for trading in any time frames, as it has numerous settings, including various trading tools)

- Forex EA Better (an automated Forex indicator that operates with the help of a neural network, making it capable of self-learning analyzing historical transactions, which leads to profitable trading on the foreign exchange market).


Currently, customers of the company Anchor Markets do not have an opportunity to invest through special PAMM systems in professional traders, who are interested in the transfer of funds in trust management by clients.

Unique features

Brokerage company Anchor Markets provides traders with additional income in the form of an affiliate program. Not only traders of the company, but also ordinary users may be members of the affiliate program.

The affiliate program allows its members to earn money by attraction of new clients to the company. It includes two directions:

- Web Representative

- Representative Office.

Web Representative works through the Internet, attracting customers from social networks with the help of blogs, websites or newsletters. From all clients whom he refers to the company, he receives an interest from their total trading volumes. This interest is accrued each month on the regular basis.

Representative Office is opened by a partner in his region. Partner attracts customers offline using advertisement. In addition, he can provide individuals who are willing to become clients of Anchor Markets with training of Internet trading. During training he receives money from potential customers, as well as percentage from trading volumes of new customers.

Add/withdraw funds

Broker Anchor Markets offers the following methods to fund accounts and withdraw money from them: Maestro, Qiwi, Master Card, Web Money, Visa, Yandex money and bank transfers.


Employees of Anchor Markets provide traders, who trade with them, with the comprehensive support by email [email protected] or by phone +883140776148858.

Cons and pros

+ the fast developing brokerage company

+ the minimum deposit is $10

+ many promotions and contests

+ educational materials

+ leverage is agreed with employees

- too high spreads.

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