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Agea Company has been operating in the field of brokerage services for over ten years, and it has distinguished itself as a very effective broker. Its services fully comply with the rules of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive.

On the official website of the broker novice traders can learn Internet trading from A to Z, starting from the terminology, and ending with in-depth technical analysis using popular trading systems and Forex technical indicators.

Broker offers two trading platforms and several types of accounts for trading currency pairs, indices, commodities and futures, allowing customers to choose the most suitable option for them.

Agea regularly organizes various promotions and contests with attractive and most importantly free Forex bonuses, which can be received by any participant, in order to encourage customers.


Agea regularly organizes promotions for its clients, which are periodically updated. Taking part in them, customers of the broker can become owners of good Forex bonuses. A monthly contest for traders is also held on the site of the Agea.

No deposit Forex bonus is available for all new customers of the broker for free. New customers need to prove their identity by presenting relevant documents to employees of the broker in order to become owners of no deposit bonus. As soon as the documents are verified, the broker will credit the bonus to clients' accounts. Bonus funds can be used for trading any currency pair, and all profits earned from trading will be the property of the client. In case of loss of the Forex bonus, the broker will not apply any penalties to clients.

The promotion Refer a Friend allows traders of the Agea to receive Forex bonuses from the broker for attraction of new customers. Every friend, acquaintance, relative or unfamiliar individual can be attracted. The main thing is that he should verify after registration. At the end of the month the results are summarized, and payments of Forex bonuses occur. The more customers are invited, the higher are the amounts of Forex bonuses.

Accrual of bonuses for attraction of new customers:

- 1 confirmed account - $1

- 5 confirmed accounts - $10

- 10 confirmed accounts - $20

- 20 confirmed accounts - $40

- 100 confirmed accounts - $200

- 500 confirmed accounts - $1,000

- 750 confirmed accounts - $2,000

- 1000 confirmed accounts - $4,000.

The promotion Forex Forecast is available for all traders of Agea. According to the conditions of the promotion, they need to make a price forecast of EUR/USD, and share it in the social network Facebook. Forecasts are accepted until Friday, and on Monday the results are summarized. Trader, who has published the forecast of the value of the currency pair EUR/USD, which is the closest to the real Forex quote, will be awarded with the bonus of $100. Bonus funds can be used for trading on Forex, and after closing the trade turnover of at least 0.1 lots, they become available for withdrawal.

The contest for traders allows becoming the owner of the bonus of $100 in case of profitable Forex trading. The contest is open to all newcomers. They should open an account Streamster, where trading both with real and virtual money is acceptable. The aim of the contest is to gain the maximum profit, which is calculated proportionally to the startup capital. Twenty participants who have earned the highest profits receive the bonus equal to $100 from the Forex broker. Bonus funds will be paid within a week after the publication of winners. They can be used for operations on the foreign exchange market, or can be withdrawn from the account without any restrictions.


Numerous materials about the Forex market are available on the official site of the broker Agea.

Learning materials about the Forex market.

1.History of the Forex market appearance.

2. Central banks and their policy:

- Bank of China

- Bank of Japan

- Swiss National Bank

- European Central Bank

- Bank of Canada

- Bank of England

- Bank of New Zeeland

- Bank of India

- Bank of Australia

- Federal Reserve System.

3. Macroeconomics:

- what is macroeconomics

- policy of different countries and its influence on foreign exchange rates

- interest rates

- economic indicators

- unemployment reports

- trading balance.

4. Financial tools and their complete analysis:

- currency

- gold

- silver

- palladium

- platinum

- futures


- indices etc.

5. Algorithmic trading and strategies, based on it:

- Trend following

- Scalping

- Mean Reversion

- Arbitrage

- Delta neutral strategies

- Pair Trading.

6. Technical Forex indicators and their correct use:

- Accelerator Oscillator

- Alligator

- DeMarker

- Force Index

- Fractals

- Momentum

- Moving Average

- Parabolic SAR

- Standard Deviation

- Volumes

- Ishimoku Kinko Hyo and so on.

Novice traders can open a demo account, if desired. The demo account is trading on the foreign exchange market using real foreign exchange rates with virtual money. The demo account gives customers the opportunity to learn Internet trading safely for their finances. It can also be used to check working efficiency and profitability of new expert advisors and Forex trading systems.

Terms of trading

Agea offers the following trading conditions for traders:

- the foreign currency account (the base currency)

- the minimum deposit is $

- the leverage is from 1:100 to 1:500

- a large number of currency pairs, contracts for difference on commodities and indices

- market spread is from 0.3 points

- no swaps.

MetaTrader 4

- multi-language support

- order execution - Instant Execution

- embedded Forex indicators

- addition of new technical indicators

- creation and installation of new Forex expert advisors MetaQuotes Language 4

- export and import of quotes

- chart printing.


- English-speaking support

- simplified design

- order execution - Instant Execution

- tools for technical analysis

- direct chat for communication of traders with each other.

Agea offers traders the following types of trading accounts for work on the global financial markets:

- Streamster

- Standard

- Cent

- STP.

Trading account Streamster:

- the minimum deposit is $1

- the maximum deposit is unlimited

- four digits after the decimal point

- the leverage is 1:100

- no commission fee.

Trading account Standard:

- the minimum deposit is $100

- the maximum deposit is unlimited

- five digits after the decimal point

- the leverage is from 1:1 to 1:200

- no commission fee.

Trading account Cent:

- the minimum deposit is $10

- the maximum deposit is $5,000

- five digits after the decimal point

- the leverage is from 1:1 to 1:500

- no commission fee.

Trading account STP:

- the minimum deposit is $1,000

- the maximum deposit is unlimited

- five digits after the decimal point

- the leverage is from 1:1 to 1:100

- commission fee is $2 per lot (Forex), $10 per lot (commodities).

Clients should first sign up for the account Streamster in order to get an opportunity to trade through the platform MT 4.

Forex indicators (recommended)

- Pattern Recognition Master

- Market Profile

- Kelner Channel

- Detrended Price Oscillator

- Beginner.

Forex expert advisors (recommended)

- Goodwine (an automated Forex expert advisor that uses the indicator WATR in currency trading on Forex, making it possible to operate effectively at short-term distances, and if a trader desires, it can become a good scalper)

- FX Nostradamus (an automated Forex expert advisor that shows quite good results on different currency pairs, primarily on the pair EUR/USD and at short-term distances, using the indicator Parabolic and moving averages)

- BasketFX (an automated Forex expert advisor that can operate on any conditions and on any currency pairs, and trends are not so important for it for making a profit, as it uses mathematical analysis, and trades effectively on its basis).


Agea does not allow clients to invest finances in professional traders through PAMM-accounts that have now become quite popular, as they provide both investors and managers with guarantees. If someone decides to invest funds directly in the accounts of successful traders, the broker will not accept any claims from him.

Unique features

Pivot Level Calculator should be mentioned among unique features of Agea, which is able to calculate the levels of four different systems for several seconds.

Pivot Level Calculator:

- the simplest calculation of technical analysis (standard levels)

- calculation of possible support and resistance levels (Cammarilla pivots)

- calculation of the supposed trend (DeMarker levels)

- calculation of the simple levels of technical analysis, but with different tools, used for their determination (Woddie pivots).

Agea traders can take advantage of a favorable offer of the broker, which will allow them to earn extra money by attracting new customers. Attracting customers is possible with the help of the affiliate program. Any trader of the broker may become a partner. Then he will receive various free materials for attraction of customers. Income will consist of the commission fee that the broker pays from a trade turnover of referrals, i.e. attracted customers. The more referrals a trader has, and the more active they trade currency pairs, the higher is the income of the trader, who has attracted them to the Agea Company.

Add/withdraw funds

Agea provides traders with the following ways to deposit trading accounts: UnionPay, Neteller, Perfect Money, FasaPay, E-Dinar, Liberty Reserve, WebMoney and bank transfers. Traders can withdraw funds in the same ways, but a fee in the amount between 7 and 14 dollars will be charged for that.


Agea supports its traders concerning all questions via online chat and a feedback form, which is located on its official website.

Cons and pros

+ the famous European broker

+ the minimum deposit is $1

+ small spread

+ good leverage

+ no deposit bonus

+ various promotions

- learning materials about Internet trading

- few ways to contact with the staff of the broker.

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